My name is Frank Whitfield. I am the self-appointed biographer for a fellow named Steven Collier who died in 2048 at the age of 95. I was born 12 years later in 2060. Now, in 2087, I am a 27-year-old psychologist who lives in Paris, France.

In 2017, Steve Collier had published more dreams than anyone in history. Although Collier had published his dreams on his own website since the 1990s, around 2007 he also began publishing his dreams on a website called the "Dream Journal" which was owned and operated by a single person by the name of "Kelly Matthews" whose user name on the site was "webdiva."

Although since 2007 Collier had dreamed of numerous other dream-journalists who published their dreams on the Dream Journal, Collier did not dream about webdiva until 2016, shortly after she put "temporarily on hold" Collier's Dream Journal account without prior notice or explanation. Collier did not ask for an explanation. Collier simply ceased publishing dreams on the Dream Journal website and continued publishing them on his own website.

Dream of: 07 August 2016 "Messages In Avatars"


dreams may have their own

set of rules as rigid as

 reality's rules

Checking for my dream journal homepage on the Dream Journal website, I'm surprised when my personal dream journal appears on the screen. I read a message from webdiva (the owner of the Dream Journal) which says something like "all your rights have been restored."

Looking more closely at my personal dream journal, I first notice that my avatar has been changed. My avatar is now a picture of a large, brownstone church. I cannot tell for sure, but the picture may be one of the old Trinity Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. The picture is vague at first, but then I notice that the picture of the church is growing and slowly encompassing more and more of the page. I cannot seem to stop the picture from growing, although when I refresh the page, the avatar returns to its original size. Then it starts growing again. This time, however, the avatar is a white church which also begins to grow and take over the whole page.

I think of webdiva by her real name: "Kelly." I do not know why Kelly has replaced my previous avatar with pictures of these churches. I remember, however, that I had been posting - on the Dream Journal - dreams in which churches had appeared before Kelly temporarily closed my Dream-Journal account without explanation. Since Kelly has now reopened my account, maybe she is also sending me a message in the avatar that she likes the idea of my publishing my church dreams on the Dream Journal. I am not, however, sure about that theory.

Seeing that my account has been reopened is such a total surprise, I'm unsure what I will do next. I'm not even sure if I will begin posting dreams again on the Dream Journal. If I do so, I may begin by simply starting with the first dream that I did not post on the Dream Journal after my account was closed. I specifically remember that the name of that first unpublished dream was "The Mighty Thor." I may simply start posting again with that dream.

Of course I anticipate that Blue Opossum (a surly dream-journalist on the Dream Journal) will immediately begin attacking me again when I again post dreams on the Dream Journal website. He will have already read my dreams before I post them on the Dream Journal because I know that he regularly reads the dreams which I continue to publish on my own website. When I think of Blue Opossum, I imagine a hazy, obscure closet off to the side with the barely visible outline of a dark, sinister figure standing in the shadows. I think that Blue Opossum has cast such a pall over the Dream Journal for myself and others that I hesitate to again publish there and have any contact with that unhappy person.

Anyway, if I do publish again on the Dream Journal, I will probably begin with the first dream which I have not posted on the Dream Journal and I will work my way forward from there.

During Collier's tenure with the Dream Journal, he had studied the art of "dream-communication." Basically, dream-communication involved dreaming a message for someone else who reads the dreamer's dreams. Although Collier believed that God has the ultimate control of dreams, Collier also believed that the individual dreamer can exert control in a dream and manipulate the content of a dream to send messages to readers of the dream. I am unsure whether Collier used this method in his dreams in which webdiva appeared, but he obviously gave some thought to webdiva after he percieved that she had treated him unfairly by suspending his account without explanation.

Dream of: 22 November 2016 "Puzzling Complaint"

freedom of speech is

a worrisome concept to

those afraid of truth

I'm unsure what has happened, but it seems that my Facebook page has been removed. I think if I check into the matter, I will discover that Kelly Matthews has something to do with my Facebook being taken down. Apparently she has made a complaint against me to Facebook. I'm unsure what the complaint is because I know that I have not done anything against her, but I suspect that she may have made a complaint because I looked at her Facebook page. Just looking at her page, however, does not seem like a reason for taking down my Facebook page. I'm unsure what to do next.

Although by 2017 webdiva had published almost 300 of her own dreams since she created the Dream Journal in 2001, most of her dreams had been written in the early days of the Dream Journal, and at the time that she temporarily put Collier's account on hold on July 18, 2016, she had not published a single dream for 19 months. Clearly she at that time was displaying no interest in "dream-communication" on the Dream Journal.

Dream of: 11 December 2016 "Continuity Of Story"

try concentrating

on the future with less of

focus on the past

I've discovered that I'm apparently once again able to publish my dreams on the Dream Journal website. At first I have difficulty publishing, but then I use a little knife which has a small hook on the end. I stick the knife into the computer, turn the knife like a key, and am able to publish.  


The question now is: which dreams should I publish? I'm unsure whether I should start with the first dream when I stopped publishing on the Dream Journal website. I remember that "Thor" was in that first unpublished dream. I think I could publish that dream, then continue forward publishing all the subsequent dreams which I have not yet published on that site.


Or I could approach the situation differently. I know that I have had about three unpublished dreams in which dream journalists from the Dream Journal website have appeared. I know that Blue Opossum appeared in a couple dreams and Kelly Matthews appeared in a couple. Maybe I should only publish those dreams and dispense with publishing all the other unpublished dreams. If I only published the dreams in which dream journalists from the Dream Journal website appeared, readers could see the continuity of the story wherein dream journalists from the Dream Journal appear in my dreams.


Or maybe I will simply start publishing with my most recent dream. I could begin with today's dream and publish from today forward. I try to make up my mind which way to start publishing again on the Dream Journal website.


Collier loved to dream about other internet dream-journalists, and he loved to see other dream-journalists dreaming about him. He further enjoyed combining his dreams about specific dream-journalists into sets which told an expanded story about that specific dream-journalist. The story which unfolded in his dreams in which webdiva appeared seemed to focus on little else but the arrogance of webdiva, an arrogance which Collier believed ultimately dampened dream-communication and story-telling on the Dream Journal website.

Dream of: 23 December 2016 "An Extraordinary Coincidence"

dreams are planned by a

benificent sentient form

of intelligence

While riding on a bus, I hear someone talking, and from the subject matter, I realize that the person is "Toolbearer" (an elderly member of the Dream Journal website). Extremely surprised that Toolbearer is on the same bus as I, I stand up, walk back down the aisle of the crowded bus to where she is seated, and look at her. She is talking away. She looks old and decrepit, but still has a somewhat youthful appearance at the same time. I know that she is in her 80s and I'm thinking that she is 84. She seems to be in relatively good shape although her voice is very weak and cracking.


I'm surprised that she knows who I am. We talk a little about the Dream Journal website. She seems rather incoherent as if she does not know what is going on. Overall she seems disoriented and detached, probably senile. I'm uncertain she even knows that I no longer write on the Dream Journal.


After the bus stops, everyone gets off and walks into a small bus stop with a restaurant inside. Toolbearer and I become separated, then I see her again. I would have expected her to be a fat woman, but she is only stout and not obese, although she definitely does seem decrepit.


She's sitting at a table with a younger woman (probably in her 50s) who is heavier than Toolbearer. A child also appears to be sitting at the table. I talk more with Toolbearer, then I ask the younger woman if she is Toolbearer's daughter. She answers, "No."


I have the feeling that the younger woman is not a blood relation, but that perhaps she was married to one of Toolbearer's sons at one time, although I'm not completely sure of that. I'm surprised to learn that the younger woman also knows who I am - apparently she reads the Dream Journal. She is friendly and she mentions that all the other people on the Dream Journal are jealous of me. She does not seem to know that I no longer write on the Dream Journal. I tell her that I no longer write there because I was suspended. Then I specifically think about the owner of the Dream Journal, Kelly Matthews, because I am going to tell the younger woman that Matthews was the person who suspended me from the Dream Journal.


The younger woman mentions some technical aspect of the Dream Journal and how an engineer is needed to attend to it. I think about telling her that there is only one person in charge of the Dream Journal, and I again think of Matthews, but I do not say anything.


I do not know whether the younger woman knows of the animosity which Toolbearer has for me. I tell the woman that Toolbearer is my second biggest antagonist in the world while I think to myself that Blue Opossum (another member of the Dream Journal) is my greatest antagonist. I think to myself that I really do not have any other enemies in the whole world except for these two people. I am, however, also beginning to think of Kelly Matthews as an enemy because of the influence that these two have had on Matthews and because Matthews unjustly suspended me from the Dream Journal.


Since Toolbearer apparently does not even know that I have been suspended, I want to tell her that she is part of the reason because of comments which she made about me. Although she seems to think that she has never made any disparaging comments about me, I know that she has made many, many derogatory comments, even though she does not seem to be cognizant of that fact. I specifically think of one time when I was commenting on someone's dream and Toolbearer barged into the comments and started talking about how "she didn't like my style."


I also want to ask Toolbearer if she has noticed how the Dream Journal has gone downhill lately. It seems to be reaching a bottom.


I want to ask Toolbearer if she is aware of the "Tarot" advertisement which Matthews has placed on the Dream Journal in which Matthews proposed interpreting people's dreams with tarot. Since I know that I regard tarot as superstitious nonsense, I think my disdain for tarot may be part of the reason I was suspended because Matthews is engaged in tarot readings and now even has an advertisement for reading tarot. Since Matthews suspended me without explanation, I think Matthews may have suspended me because of my animosity for tarot. I am unsure, however, how to pronounce "tarot," whether it should be pronounced with a long "o" or like the last syllable of "carrot." I ask Toolbearer how to pronounce "tarot," but she does not respond.


I do not want Toolbearer to misinterpret my feelings about being suspended from the Dream Journal. I do not want her to think that I am anxious for the suspension to be lifted because in reality I do not intend to write again on the Dream Journal anyway. Due to the arrogant way that Matthews suspended my account without explanation, I have never asked Matthews for permission to publish there again. Now the Dream Journal appears to me to be a mismanaged mess which is run by someone who has turned the Dream Journal into a superstitious hive where activities such as tarot are encouraged. I'm only sorry that the Dream Journal has gone downhill as it has due to mismanagement.


Throughout this encounter with Toolbearer, I am most amazed that she and I are on the same bus. I know that Toolbearer lives on the west coast of the United States and I'm thinking that she lives in a little white trailer on the side of a field. I know that this bus is headed west, although I'm not traveling all the way to the west coast. It is so surprising that Toolbearer and I are now riding on the same bus. I want to say something to her about the extraordinary nature of this coincidence, but I'm unsure that she can even grasp what I'm saying because she seems so disoriented.


Since it's time to leave this little restaurant, we all start heading back to the bus. I start thinking that being with Toolbearer on this bus is so strange, that this might be a dream. It does not seem like a dream - it seems very real. I decide to do a reality test. I hold my nostrils closed with my fingers because I know if I breathe with my nostrils closed, then I must be dreaming, but when I discover that I'm unable to breathe when I hold my nostrils closed, I conclude that I must be awake and that I'm not dreaming.


In the entire time that Collier published on the Dream Journal, he could not remember a single instance when another dream-journalist had dreamed about webdiva. Yet after his account was temporaily put on hold by webdiva, thoughts of her appeared in five of his dreams in less than eight months. Although Collier had quickly realized that he actually prefered not publishing on the Dream Journal, he continued to be interested in some of the dream-journalists who published there, including webdiva. He definitely regarded her as someone about whom he could compose a story.

Dream of: 19 February 2017 "More Rewarding Direction"  

intelligence of

a higher sort inspires

dreams with messages

I'm lying on my back in bed while my brother Chris (1957-1974) is lying next to me on my left.

I'm thinking about my old friend, Steve Weinstein, with whom I have been in contact concerning the Dream Journal website. Apparently he has been reading the Dream Journal and he has a question about the site. I'm glad that he may somehow become involved in the Dream Journal because I think he may be able to help me in regard to some difficulty which I have had with a couple people on the Dream Journal.

I specifically think about "webdiva," the owner of the Dream Journal, and the fact that she suspended my account without any explanation. Maybe I will write her a letter and post the letter on my own website in the same manner that I post dreams there. I think the dream-letter could start out with something like, "Hello, bitch!"

I could then ask her if she thought it was about time that she told me exactly why she suspended me from the Dream Journal since I still do not know. I then might make fun of the little shop which I know she owns where she sells little trinkets and little stones.

I hesitate, however, to write anything like that because I really do not want to have any further contact with webdiva. Besides that, I know that Blue Opossum (the principal malcontent on the Dream Journal) constantly reads my dreams on my own website and that he would surely read the dream-letter. I'm unsure exactly how he would react, but he would probably bring it to webdiva's attention in hopes of causing problems. So it's probably best not to publish anything like that which Blue Opossum can read.

Besides, I do not intend to write my dreams on the Dream Journal anymore anyway. If I were to write anything about the Dream Journal on my website, it would probably be best to simply write an explanation about why I do not intend to write anymore on the Dream Journal. I might explain that I am happy that my writing has taken a more rewarding direction.

I think I feel Chris moving next to me. He seems to have slid down toward the foot of the bed.

I sit up because I think I hear someone outside the bedroom door. I think I will sling a pillow at anyone who tries to come through the door.

That a place with such potential as the Dream Journal website could be under the control of a single arrogant and superstitious person was a sad revelation for Collier. Yet saying goodbye to publishing on that sad site was a major impetus for Collier's publishing of dream-stories on his own website. In that sense, webdiva had done Collier a favor by putting his account on hold.


- Frank Whitfield

Paris, France

07 May 2087


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