My name is Frank Whitfield. I was born in 2060 and I am 27 years old. I am a psychologist who works in Paris, France. I was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, where I first heard about Steven Collier, a man who died at the age of 95 in 2048 and lived much of his life in Portsmouth.

In 2017, Collier had published more dreams on the Internet than anyone in the history of the world. Communication to people through published dreams was at an early stage. Although published dream journals had existed for over 20 years on the internet, the concept of one dream-journalist dreaming about another dream-journalist was barely deemed of importance as only a miniscule fraction of people in the world were aware of such a phenomenon.

Nevertheless, Collier became attuned to the concept of dream-journalists dreaming about other dream-journalists and he thought he could use such a concept as the basis for a book. The concept of such a book was, in fact, part of an altogether new art form. Before Collier, no one had ever woven together a series of actual, truthful dreams in the context of a fictional story. Creating art in such a way barely seemed possible, yet by 2017, Collier made such art the focus of his life.

Thus when Collier and another dream-journalist named Mairita both began dreaming of a third internet dream-journalist named 9 Space King, Collier perceived that a story worth telling was in the making, and Collier proceeded to combine Mairita's dreams with his own into a story of dream communication.

Collier's Dream of: 14 July 2015 "An Indictment" 

interpreting dreams

may be as magical as

the dreams themselves

I've written an interpretation of a dream titled "Taking down a monarchy with art" which had recently been published on the Dream Journal website by a dream-journalist whose user name is "9 Space King." Actually, I have written four distinct interpretations of that dream, and I'm trying to decide which one I want to publish.

As I think of the four interpretations, I think of the hallway inside the front door of my Seventeenth Street Home, in Portsmouth, Ohio, and I imagine each interpretation as a mat or a rug which I've thrown down inside the door. Anyone who walks into the house would step onto this rug. I'm trying to decide which rug is best.

I refer to one of the interpretations as "An Indictment."

I have trouble deciding which of these interpretations I want to use. As I wonder how the interpretations will be perceived if I publish them, the name of one particular internet dream-reader seems to flash through my mind as someone who attacks my interpretations when I publish them on-line. Thus, deciding which of the four interpretations to publish is somewhat confusing.

Whether dream interpretation is necessary for dream communication is the first question. The answer is simply, "Yes." For one dreamer to communicate to another dreamer in dreams, it is helpful for the first dreamer to read the dreams of the second dreamer and to interpret what message is being sent to the second dreamer in the second dreamer's dream. Finding messages in dreams is the purpose of interpretation. Although interpretation may be daunting, the rewards of dream interpretation are divine, as well as extremely helpful in determining the character of the dreamer.

Collier's Dream of: 29 December 2015 "Strangers' Dreams"


of the dreams of others is

highly rewarding 

 I'm thinking about the Dream Journal website and about interpreting dreams thereon. I know that some people believe that it's not possible for one person to interpret another person's dreams if the interpreter does not actually know the dreamer, as on the Dream Journal where people usually do not actually know each other. I would counter that argument by saying that an interpreter on the Dream Journal actually does come to know the dreamers who publish their dreams there. One can learn a great deal about people through their dreams alone. It's not as if an interpreter is simply reading one dream ... but many, many dreams through which the dreamer comes to be known by the interpreter.

For example, I reflect that I have determined that some dream journalists on the Dream Journal website clearly have mental problems. I specifically think of Ebb, a new member of the Dream Journal who has openly disclosed that she has a mental disability and that she receives assistance from the government for her disability.

I think of another specific dream publisher, Blue Opossum, who I suspect also receives government assistance for mental illness - although he does not openly disclose it - since I would classify Blue Opossum as "stark, raving mad." I reconsider, however, and moderate such a harsh assessment - I think perhaps Blue Opossum is simply "mentally ill," and not completely insane. I think he lives in a little, run-down house which I rather vividly visualize as a dark and obscure shack with a misty, blue background. The house sits isolated - completely alone, desolate and somber, almost as if sitting in a swamp. He does not have a job. He appears to have been an unproductive member of society for a long, long time. He must receive income from somewhere.

I think of another dream journalist, Immortal Dreams, who also has disclosed that she receives government assistance for being mentally ill. She does indeed appear to be mentally ill - but not morbidly so. Even though she also is unproductive at the moment, she is likeable.

Next I think of Haux, another dream journalist who has disclosed that he sees a psychologist. He is a young man who does, however, have a job and who does seem to contribute to society. I do not think of him as mentally ill. He simply has some mental issues to which he is attending.

Finally, I think of 9 Space King, another dream journalist. He is a boy still in high school. He has also disclosed that he is seeing either a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but I do not think that he is mentally ill nor do I detect any mental issues in him. I think that he simply hails from a family which is affluent enough to pay attention to his mental needs by providing him with a sort of psychological mentor. He is actually fortunate to have someone like that with whom he can talk.

The point is - I reflect - that I do know much about different dream journalists on the Dream Journal simply from having read what they write there. I strongly disagree that a dream interpreter who does not personally know a dreamer cannot interpret the dreamer's dreams. I do agree, however, that the more information which an interpreter has about a dreamer, the more likely it is that the interpretation will be accurate. 

Dreaming about someone is just that - a dream. Such dreams do not imply that the dreamer is in actual contact with the dreamed-of person any more than a novelist is in actual contact with the characters in the novel. Actual "dream communication" does not take place in the dream itself. Dream communication only takes place outside the dream, when a dream-reader reads or hears the dream. By 2017, dreamers reading each other's dreams had started to take hold on the Internet.  

Mairita's Dream of 26 March 2017 "Private secretary to another dreamer" 

Seoul, an office in one of the upper floors of a skyscraper, late evening. I work as a private secretary to a young Chinese guy (Goodwin) who has made his fortune in an unspecified TV show. It's a slack sort of job as mostly I'm just organising his diary and managing his many travels. This evening he comes in saying he fancies some Georgian food and asks me to organise a flight to Batumi asap. I know that his girlfriend (an unspecified leggy model type) is reluctant to travel and book a flight for one without asking questions.



The next morning the boss is back. He has bought a lot of khachapuri to take away, both the boat-shaped and gooey kinds, and asks me to put them in the glass fridge. They smell amazing of freshly baked bread. He has also brought me a present and watches me open it. Inside the mint green cardboard box there is a pink cut glass tumbler that holds some mint green padding, nested in which is a stone. It has a peculiar colour - mostly very light, opaque milky pink with big grains of clear dark pink, almost purple. The top is smooth and slightly convex. Boss says it's tourmaline. I take it out and see that it's a cylindrical 10 cm diameter drill core sample. On the other end it's veined with dark gray granite. For a rather small size of 10x15 cm it has a nice, solid weight to it.


?The stone actually looks like the bleeding tooth fungus.

The coalescence of two minds dreaming about the same subject intrigued Collier. Art explores new areas and he had never heard of a work of literature based upon the dreams of two dreamers about a third dreamer. At least 9 Space King must have been a noteworthy character to have attracted the attention of two other dream-journalists. He was only 17 in 2017 and still in high school.

Collier's Dream of: 11 April 2017 "Tocqueville"

dreams contain sundry

benevolent messages

for the wise of mind

I'm having a meal with 9 Space King and his family in their home. While 9 Space King's mother prepares the meal, 9 Space King's father and I sit down in the living room and begin talking. He mentions three philosophers. I have read the works of two of the philosophers, but the philosopher on which he concentrates is "Tocqueville," and I know that I have never actually read anything by Tocqueville.

The father talks about something which Tocqueville has said about Christ or Christianity. From what the father says, I deduce that he is a Christian. When he finishes talking, I pull my chair right up in front of him and look him straight in the eye. I want him to know that I do not believe in Christ. I say, "I don't want to offend anybody with my beliefs. I'm not a believer, but I do believe in God."

I then add, "It sounds like you're a believer."

He looks at me sternly and says that he is not a believer in Christ. I'm a bit taken aback by what he has said.

I think it probably seems a little peculiar that I even have any kind of connection with 9 Space King because he is so young and I am so old - I'm even older than 9 Space King's father. I wonder if the father wonders about this relationship. That I would even know 9 Space King seems peculiar to me also, but I know that the basis of our relationship is the dreams which we both publish. The father seems unconcerned that I have this relationship with 9 Space King. That is fine with me.

This house seems to be built on the side of a cliff. I can look out the windows of the living room and see a deep gorge below, and I can see a steep cliff on the other side of the gorge. I can also see a train track which runs along the cliff on the other side. When a train abruptly comes along on the other side of the gorge, I can see the faces of passengers in the passenger compartments of the train as it passes. I think I probably know some of the people on the train, but it passes so quickly that the faces are a blur.

9 Space King is standing right next to me on my right. He leans over in front of me so that the back of his head is in front of mine so I cannot see the train. He is apparently playing some kind of little joke. I actually want people from the train to see me here with 9 Space King and his family because I think people might find it interesting that I am with them in their home. 9 Space King finally raises his head so I can see the train again, but it is moving so fast that I do not see anyone whom I recognize on the train.

Where do dreams come from? Collier only had one answer: All dreams contain benevolent messages from God. I do not see how he can be proven wrong. That his theory is at least a possibility cannot be denied. A character is in a non-lucid dream, therefore, because God placed the character there. Persons, places, and things are set in place like the stage-setting of a play when God creates the dream.  

Mairita's Dream of 11 April 2017 "A cult in eerie jungle vault"

The whole dream had a weird "Dear Diary" sort of voiceover.

There is a tribe on the shore of the ocean bay, living in a village that's built on stilts over the water, surrounded by a dense jungle. A part of the population belongs to a secret cult that is guarding ancient knowledge.

I'm determined to become a member of the cult and at the moment the dream begins, I'm on my way to initiation. At the entrance of the bay there is a huge natural gray marble arch standing in the water. The columns are about 300-400 feet high, slender and exquisite, topped with green vegetation. I have to scale it and jump into the ocean; if I survive, I'll be accepted. On approach, I think that my name will be changed to Rama Deva, which seems strange to me.

I skip the climbing part and am standing almost knee-deep in lush vines that cover the top of the arch. I admire the view of the village in case it's the last time I see it, and jump. While falling, I think of a Mythbusters episode where they were investigating what's more likely to kill you - a fall into still water or waves.

Although the arch is far from the village, I surface near one of its boardwalks and get out of the water. A woman from the cult is cleaning fish with big black shears; she looks at me like she didn't expect me to survive. Then she gets a scroll out of a basket and gives it to me, saying that I can keep it until the end of the month, which I find ridiculous as I know that the cult members are immortal and time should have no meaning to them. She also says: "I don't know why I should trust you," and goes back to cleaning fish.

My first duty as a member of the cult is to distribute the water that sits in a big shallow wooden bowl during the cult discussions and absorbs the knowledge as if by diffusion. I wait by the door of the dark hut, making myself seem small, listening to the teachings, and then carry the bowl countless times around the village, my feet bare on the sun-warmed boards. Then I get to study with the rest and learn that the cult has caches of secret artefacts hidden in the jungle.

Centuries pass, the jungle diminishes, replaced with encroaching desert. One day a traveller arrives (Goodwin), who speaks what the voiceover calls 'Ancient Aleman' that we understand. He shows his gadgets and I see that they make use of some of our knowledge.

I observe a small box of tiny objects under a magnifying glass. There are things that look like the tiniest fuses, a bent staple, microchips of various shapes, but for some reason the things that fascinate me most are the minuscule coiled springs that have a wicked kick to them. I cannot even see them without the magnifying glass, yet they make my fingers fly apart forcefully then I push them.

Goodwin completes the initiation and receives the name Baba Ayahuasca to commemorate the thing he came looking for in the jungle. He lives as part of the cult for at least a century, teaching about his amazing technological world.

The desert keeps advancing in and suddenly there is a war happening right on our doorstep. We have to go into the desert to remove and re-hide our secret caches. In one such expedition, I see a plane crashed in the side of a dune and the pilot dead a bit further.

The last 'diary entry' says: "There is nowhere to run. Baba Ayahuasca was killed today".

The theory that all dreams contain benevolent messages sent by God does have its detractors. If the same God creates all dreams, then the same God must know the entire life history of each and every dreamer in the world. Yet God only uses the personal history of each dreamer when God creates that dreamer's dreams. God does not communicate the history of one dreamer to the mind of another, even though God might be aware of both histories.


Collier's Dream of: 26 April 2017 "The Treatment" 

awareness of death

brings light to some but only

darkness to others 

 I'm driving away from a castle constructed of gray stone. I have only traveled a short distance when I discover Mairita lying in the middle of the road. I'm unsure what is wrong with her - she is either injured or ill. It seems that she was earlier in the castle, that she left, and that she may have purposely inflicted this injury upon herself. I recall that I just finished having had a couple dreams about her and I take note that I have begun dreaming about her very quickly.

Some other people with me pick up Mairita and we take her back to the castle where inside we ascend long circular stairs headed toward the top of the castle. On the way up the stairs, I seem to recall that Mairita had previously said that she has a treatment for this affliction which is affecting her.  

Not only did Collier believe that God transmits messages in dreams, Collier believed that God tells stories in dreams, and Collier came to suspect that he might be able to compare the stories which he found in his dreams with the stories which he found in another dreamer's dreams. By focusing on one particular person in the dreams of two dreamers, Collier suspected that a completely unique story would emerge. As Collier compared his dreams of 9 Space King with those of Mairita, he began to see the outlines of that story.

Mairita's Dream of 30 April 2017 "9 Space King saves the day"


Early spring. Abby and Jamie were in danger and Goodwin had to save them. The danger involved a bomb, a flood in a river and peanut poison in a yet unspecified form. The dream started in Summerhouse where I was with Goodwin who was thinking what weapons to take. I had quite an arsenal, but he took nothing and went to where the girls were through a portal in the loom room. I didn't follow him, but saw the next part as a disembodied presence.

Goodwin arrived at a roadside cross that Jamie and Abby were tied to, with the bomb at their feet. The river was about five steps away, the water rising. He untied them and disarmed the bomb; that was easy, like flipping a switch. The peanut poison went off though as a light green powder that descended from the sky to cover everything in a thick layer. Goodwin took both girls by the hand and dove into the river. I saw this as if flying above them. They swam upstream, still holding hands. The whole landscape was light neon green except the river as the current carried the powder away.

Later I was myself again and attended a meeting for PTSD sufferers with Goodwin. He was standing near a big stand with name tags and couldn't find his. I looked for mine and the list didn't have the leap day at all; after a long search I found my nametag in the 1st of June box. It had an unfamiliar black-and-white picture of me. Goodwin found his somewhere in October. The chairperson of the meeting was a stunningly beautiful woman with black wavy hair.

A person's character is laid bare in dreams. Likewise, clues to the character of other people are often revealed in dreams. Just as fictional literature is often focused on the psychological characters of the people in the story, so dreams sometimes focus on the characters of the people who appear therein. From his own dreams and Mairita's dreams about 9 Space King, Collier concluded that 9 Space King had the potential to be a man remembered in history.

 Collier's Dream of: 14 May 2017 "Surviving The Apocalypse"

enlightenment may

rise like a phoenix from bleak

devastation's throes

 I'm standing in the middle of a war-torn, urban area with debris everywhere and no sign of life anywhere. I may be looking at the aftermath of an apocalypse. In the midst of all this destruction, I have somehow established some kind of contact with a woman who seems like Mairita (an internet dream-journalist). Even though I do not actually see her, I have a sense of her being, and I'm able to transmit to her some information which she is able to use to insert code which consists of a long string of letters and numbers into a digital program. When she enters the code, pieces of disabled equipment can be revitalized.

Transmitting the code to her is rather tedious, but I manage to transmit one long string of code. I now know that a whitish-silver, helicopter blade which is lying nearby will be reactivated. Actually there are two similar lines of code (because she already has one line), as well as two helicopter blades which will now be reactivated.

After I have transmitted the code, I realize I could have probably entered the code myself without her help. So I'm unsure whether I will actually need her help to activate some of the equipment which is strewn over the devastated area.

It seems, however, as if I still may need her.

When Collier compared his and Mairita's dreams of 9 Space King, he found himself more impressed by the similarities between his (Collier's) character and Mairita's character, than by any conclusions about 9 Space King's character. Mairita appeared to have similar goals as himself and he wondered whether they might be able to actually communicate in their dreams.


- Frank Whitfield

Paris, France

14 May 2087


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