Dream of: 23 September 2021 "Going to the Prom"  

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our youth fades farther

and farther away with each

cold and passing day

 I am thinking about going to my high school prom, but I really do not want to go. I am wearing a light brown suit which does not seem appropriate. My hair needs cut. Just as I decide not to go, I suddenly find myself in the building where the prom is taking place. I look around but I do not see any people in this room. I see a room to the side where people appear to have been sitting earlier. I walk into the room and see a half-dozen plush chairs sitting in a circle facing toward a center. It looks as if some girls who had been attending the prom had been sitting in those chairs. Some belongings of the girls are still sitting in the circle of chairs.

I sit in one of the chairs. I am not particularly happy about being here. I reflect that I went to the prom last year and a picture was taken there. I had been wearing this same light brown suit at the last prom. I have a vague memory of having left my jacket at the prom. I think if someone takes a picture of me here at the prom this year, someone seeing the picture will think that I have only one suit.

The girls who had been in the chairs gradually return and start sitting in the chairs. I do not know any of them and I think they will wonder what I am doing here since they do not even know me. My old high school classmate Scott (probably in his teens) shows up and sits down next to one of the girls. I think if he sees me that he will probably vouch for who I am. I think his name is "Scotty." He sits down without saying anything or acknowledging me. I continue sitting in one of the chairs.   

Commentary of 25 September 2021

Being a social gathering, the “prom” in this dream reminds me of “Facebook.” I regret that I never went to my high school proms. I think I would also regret not writing my dreams on Facebook.

Photo: High school class picture 1970

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