Dream of: 22 September 2021 "Partners"  

visions of mankind's

future may help to guide us

in our daily lives

I climb into the back of a big, dark car. A bunch of clothes is piled on the back seat. Since there is hardly any room between the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat to put my feet, I put my feet on top of the back seat and under the clothes. My back is against the door on the right side of the back seat and my legs are stretched out in front of me under the clothes.

A black man (around 50 years old) sitting in the driver's seat starts driving the car. A white woman (around 30 years old) is sitting in the front passenger seat. She somewhat resembles a young Hillary Clinton. The car seems fancy and I feel like complimenting the man on how nice it is, but I do not. I do, however, ask him what kind of car it is and he tells me. It sounds like an ordinary name—nothing fancy.

The man stops the car for a moment and tells me to come up to the front seat, which I do. The woman scoots into the middle and I sit down on the passenger seat. I like this woman who I already know from somewhere. She is pretty. She lays her right hand on my left leg and gradually moves her hand until it is almost touching my crotch. I know that the man and the woman are a couple, and I worry that he might see what the woman is doing. He does not say anything and we continue riding down the road.

We finally reach a small, country town which has a western feel to it. The man stops the car and we all climb out. I am thinking about settling down in this town. The woman and I walk into a building where I am thinking about renting an office. I am thinking about opening a language school to teach foreigners how to speak English. I have been making plans to open this school for a while and now it is all coming together. I know that the woman wants to work with me. I tell her that I am thinking of renting this office and that she and I could become partners. We could have a little language-teaching business here. I may even teach English myself. I still remember the time when I taught English in Mexico City years ago. I remember the Mexican man who had been my boss. He was probably in his 30s and he had set up a little language school in Mexico City. He would hire people like me to give English lessons. I am thinking of opening a school along that line. I think if we had several students, we could make about $50 an hour. We need some students. I am unsure how we will start out to obtain students.

Of course I could advertise. I could even advertise that I am an attorney-at-law because I am a licensed attorney. However, I realize that I am only licensed in Texas and not in this state, so advertising that I am an attorney here would be a problem. I know that I took a test to be licensed as an attorney in this state about a year ago. However, I never received the results of the test, so I may need to take the test again.

I recently heard that in a little town like this, a person who does something wrong is sometimes punished by tar-and-feathering. So it is important not to get on the wrong side of people here. I do not know how the tar and feathers are applied. I think maybe the people find a barrel full of tar and stick a person inside the barrel. I envision what that would be like and I can imagine someone actually dying from such an ordeal. I wonder if I would have the courage to help someone who was stuck in a barrel of tar and was on the point of dying.

The woman and I walk out to the front of the building. There is a wooden sidewalk like might be found in an old-west town. The woman turns to me with her face so close, it almost appears that she is going to kiss me. I back away because people are in the street and I do not want anyone to see us being so close. I feel as if I could have sex with her if I wanted. I realize, however, that I have erectile dysfunction and that I would first need to take some medication. I do not like taking the medication, but I know it works, so I could have sex with her if I wanted to go to the trouble of doing it. I am unsure that I want to do that.

We step off the sidewalk and walk down the street. She takes my hand and holds it as we walk along together. 

Commentary of 23 September 2021

On one level, the "woman" in this dream seems to me like a personification of the "United States government."

Photo: A young Hillary Clinton

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