Dream of: 27 May 2021 "Publishing Books of Dreams"

happiness may be
a vital step on the road
toward nirvana

After many years, I am advanced in age, and I have written many books of dreams which I have not yet published. Now I have begun to publish these books. I am carrying a sample of some of the books around with me. They look like 8-track tapes and are in a carrying case. I am starting to notify people of older books which I have previously written, and of new books which I am continuing to publish. To notify people, I obtain a person's contact information, then I text or email notices of the new books to the person. I have needed many years to reach this point, but now I am actually putting books of dreams out to the public.

Commentary of 28 May 2021

I am surprised to find my dreams leading me to happiness. That was not my goal nor what I expected. Yet, here it is: I feel happy.

Picture: Some 8-track tapes which I own
Date Picture Taken: 28 May 2021

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