Dream of: 22 May 2021 "Short Trip"

the undiscovered
self may be discovered at
the end of a search

Another fellow and I (we are both probably in our mid-20s) are walking across plowed fields from Portsmouth to West Portsmouth, Ohio. We try to wend our way past many highways blocking our path. The other fellow is ruggedly handsome (and reminds me somewhat of an old, highschool friend I used to have). I am somewhat upset with myself for undertaking this trek without a car. It seems as if we have already been out here for a long time and as if the trip may last all day just to arrive in West Portsmouth. This trip has turned into a big problem. We can see a row of white houses in the distance in West Portsmouth, but I am still not entirely sure of the path to take to reach the houses.
As we start walking across a field, I notice a woman (also probably in her mid-20s) standing on the other side of a wooden fence and I decide to ask her for directions.  I step up to the woman and ask her how we can "get to West Portsmouth." She points at the houses in the distance as if the way should be clear, and she says something like, "Well, there's those houses over there."
She is a pretty woman, dressed like a farmer. As I stand on my side of the fence, the fellow with me also walks up to the fence. The woman stands on the other side of the fence and stares at the fellow, obviously attracted to him. I move back out of the way as the woman moves closer to the other fellow. She brings her face close to his and begins kissing him right in front of me. I feel left out and rejected since the woman has clearly picked the other fellow over me even though he does not seem interested in her. He seems to be simply taking her kissing him in stride, as if this kind of incident sometimes happens to him because he is so good looking.
They continue kissing for perhaps thirty seconds until she backs off and begins walking across a little field toward a small, dark farmhouse behind her where some other people are standing outside. 
The other fellow and I continue walking on our journey toward West Portsmouth.

Commentary of 23 May 2021
I have noticed that a common theme that ties many of my dreams together is that I am on a journey. I wonder if I am viewing my life as essentially being a journey of some sort.

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