Dream of: 14 May 2021 "Road Trip"

appreciate your
dreams the way you might try to
love art for art's sake

Another fellow and I are in a big truck on a road trip across the United States. I am unsure exactly which state we are in right now although I know it is south of Ohio. As we cruise down the highway, we become mixed up and turn off onto a white-gravel road which I think we are supposed to follow. As the gravel road winds through green hills, the road becomes narrower and narrower until we finally come to a dead end. The truck stops and we both climb out. I look at where the road dead ends and see in front of us a deep gulley cluttered with small boulders. Now I am not even sure how we are going to turn around.
A man—standing on the hill on the other side of the gully—hollers to us. I am unsure what the man hollers, but I am afraid that my companion and I are on a private road and that we are going to get into trouble. I mention to my companion that we did not see any "No Trespassing" signs, so I do not think anyone will be able to do anything to us and accuse us of being on a private road.
Other people show up. It looks as if they have also taken a wrong turn onto this road. They walk near us while I am simply trying to figure out how to get out of here. This place is so beautiful. We are in the middle of nowhere with mountains all around us. I can see a big house on top of the hill on the other side of the gully. Then I notice a mansion on top of this very hill on which we are standing. I realize that someone has built this gravel road to reach this mansion. I figure the person will eventually build the road further so that it reconnects with the highway, but that has not yet been done.
Finally, I see a man and a woman slow dancing down below in a picturesque scene surrounded by the mountains.
My companion directs my attention to a phone number which I have written on a piece of paper. He wants me to destroy the number. I figure I could eat the paper, but I do not want to do that because I think we might use the number on the trip.

Commentary of 19 May 2021
I just realized that I do not have a viable theory of the origin of dreams. I simply do not know where dreams come from. Oh well, I still trust them.

Landscape Pennsylvania

By: Thomas Moran
circa 1868

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