Dream of: 09 May 2021 "Rejection and Acceptance"

you may always be
an animal no matter
how spiritual

I am shopping in an upscale department store when I notice an attractive, thin woman with short black hair (around 40 years old) who is shopping close to me. I keep my eyes on her while I look at the merchandise. The woman and I are so close at one point that I think about touching her hand when we are both reaching for a bag of hard candy with red and green strawberry wrappers, but I do not know whether touching her would be appropriate. I feel a connection with the woman and I say something to her. She is friendly, and I think about asking her out for a date. I ask her where she lives. She immediately clams up, turns around, and walks away. I do not know what I did wrong, but I feel crushed that she has rejected me so outrightly. She and I both continue shopping in the same section. At one point, she walks close to me again, but she completely ignores me.
I go on about my business until I meet another attractive woman (probably in her late 30s). The second woman and I start talking. She is very friendly. Now that I have met this second woman, I suddenly feel exuberant. We walk around together and at one point I am so close that I have my arm around her. We begin walking down a long flight of narrow stairs which are crowded with people walking up. The stairwell is dark, but I see light at the bottom of the stairs.

 Commentary of 10 May 2021
I like a woman's company, but have little desire to live with one.

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