Dream of: 02 May 2021 "Cartoon Dreams" 

reality may

also exist within the

chambers of one's mind

 I am looking at a black, typewritten list on a white background. I am still thinking about the pleasant dream I had last night in which cartoon characters appeared; unfortunately I failed to record the dream. I think  this list may be of cartoon-dreams which I have had in which animated scenes have appeared. On the left side is a column of words and on the right side is a column of numbers. I think that the words in the left column represent time periods such as "a month" or "a week" and that the numbers on the right (which look like "2," "3," or "4") represent the number of times which I have dreamed of "cartoons (animated scenes)" during that time period.

Commentary of 02 May 2021

In one sense, dreams are part of reality, and in another sense they are not. Dreams are not part of the daily reality which forms our waking lives. Cartoon figures do not exist in ordinary reality. Dreams are, however, part of an inner reality of our solitary minds in which we live. In that inner, separate reality, dreams form a real and integral part of who we are. In that inner reality, even cartoons can be real.

Picture: of Steven Collier circa December 1953

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