Dream of: 04 March 2021 "Working in Hardware and Lumber"   

a story without

any theme may not be a

story worth reading

Not far from Portsmouth, Ohio, I have gone to a huge store of several buildings which look as if it may have been a hardware and lumber store, such as a Lowe's, at one time. It looks as if the store has been closed for quite a while. I start working with some other men to clean up the store. All kinds of stuff is scattered around the various buildings, especially wood, boards, and planks. We stack the wood up and put it in order. I do not have a job here, but I think I am going to be working here. I am unsure of the plans for the store or even what we are supposed to be doing here, but it looks as if a new store is going to be opened here.

Some old vehicles are sitting around inside the warehouse-like buildings. I see an old semi-truck and something which looks like a huge, green tractor. I climb onto the tractor and start it up. It moves forward a little bit and inches toward a wall. I cannot turn it off. The tractor presses against the wall and I fear it will knock the wall down. Finally, however, I manage to turn off the tractor. At some point I climb into a car or truck on the passenger side of the front seat. Right in front of me on the right side of the dash is a place where a vast variety of tools are hanging neatly arranged. Those clearly need to be preserved. I see a couple nice hammers which I think should be kept.

I continue walking around and pick up trash in various places. Once I even pick up a white, plastic bag which is mushy and makes me wonder if it has human feces in it. I think we need to establish a method of handing everything here. I think we should have a pile for trash and another pile for salvageable scrap metal. One young muscular guy shows up and picks up a big stack of perhaps twenty boards and carries them off. I reflect that I could not handle close to that many boards. I only pick up a few things at a time. At one point I am only carrying a little piece of cardboard out of a building. Things begin to look neater and are piled up in good shape. It looks as if we accomplishing something.

I reflect that this is extremely menial work for me to be doing. I am perhaps only going to be paid $100 for a whole day of work. That seems like a paltry sum for a person to make in one day. Nevertheless, I continue working.

Commentary of 07 March 2021

I have tended to believe that dreams tell stories, yet I wonder if that is really true. Dreams could simply be agglomerations of persons, places, and things with no underlying plot or message. I think part of the definition of a "story" is that it is something created by an intelligent being. Therefore, if dreams do tell stories, dreams must be created by some form of intelligence. This conclusion begs the question of whether dreams actually do tell stories. Dreams and stories do seem to have one thing in common: setting. I cannot seem to imagine a story or a dream without a setting. Even if a dream or a story takes place in black and empty space, it is still a setting.

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