Dream of: 22 February 2021 (2) "Tracked Down"   

the libido is

a powerful thing like a

fierce and mighty dragon

   I am trying to find Michelle who has disappeared. A female companion (probably in her early 20s) is with me as I search for Michelle. My companion and I track Michelle to a house of an older woman where Michelle lived for a while before moving on. We are now standing in the living room of the older woman, and I ask the woman if Michelle left anything behind when she departed. I look around the room and see sitting on a shelf a square, green, porcelain planter which looks familiar to me, and I recall that the planter used to belong to Michelle. The woman also sees the planter. A couple other young men show up. I am unsure what they are doing here, but I continue talking with the older woman until she, my companion, the two men, and I ascend to a sort of second-floor loft where Michelle lived when she was staying here. We sit down at a table. The older woman is sitting next to me. She is about my age, but she is worn out and overweight like many people are when they are older.

I want her to talk with me about Michelle and tell me what she knows about her. She mentions that she thinks Michelle may have been "manufacturing" while she lived here in the house. I take that to mean that Michelle was manufacturing drugs. I like hearing about Michelle. I want this woman to tell me as much as she can about Michelle. The woman is not, however, talkative, although she does bring out a batch of old documents and letters which belonged to Michelle. It seems as if I have seen this batch before. I ponder that even though the batch may contain important papers, Michelle has simply left the papers here. I look through the papers as we continue talking.

Finally, I realize that Michelle is standing right here in the room with us—completely naked. She is the companion who came here with me in the first place. Although she now looks like a younger version of Michelle (probably in her early 20s), I do not conclude that this is the same Michelle for whom we are searching. This young, naked version—unlike Michelle—has an opulent bush of coal-black, pubic hair. Although she is here in the room with us, I do not connect her in my mind with the same Michelle whom we are trying to find. The naked Michelle is completely unembarrassed about standing naked in front of us, and she clearly does not have any intention of donning any clothes. Her breasts are almost flat yet nevertheless enticing. I recall that I have been thinking about a similar scene of a woman standing naked in front of other people like this without being embarrassed. The naked Michelle standing in front of us like this is erotically ravishing. I notice that the two other fellows cannot seem to take their eyes off her.

I walk to a bed and lie down on my back. Naked Michelle stands there a moment longer, then walks over and lies down completely exposed on her back next to me on my right. I wonder what one of these fellows would think if I bent over and buried my face into her black pubic hairs. That should get their attention. I do not do it—the thought only crosses my mind.

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