Dream of: 22 February 2021 "Ready for Trial"   

  life is a trial for

which witnesses may be called

on the judgment day

 My ex-wife Carolina (married 1989-2006) and I are in a court house in a neighboring county from where we live. I am representing Carolina in a case. We have a hearing in a courtroom, but the case is not heard and is moved to a different courtroom. We move to the second, large courtroom.

The case is about an altercation which Carolina had on the street with another woman. They were arguing about something, and the woman sued Carolina. So, here we are. We sit down in the pews at the very front of the courtroom. I like the judge. I have been faring well with him so far. I am waiting for the other woman to show up with her attorney, but when I look around at the faces in the courtroom, I do not see them anywhere. I am beginning to think that they might not show up, in which case I will ask for the case to be dismissed.

I realize that I have not prepared for this case. I reflect that I have not even received a copy of the complaint in this case. I think if the opposing attorney shows up, I will ask him to at least give me a copy of the complaint. I have not even asked Carolina questions about the case. Nevertheless, I feel confident about the case. I think we have a good case. I will simply call Carolina to the witness stand and start questioning her. She will answer my questions and I think that we will win the case.

Carolina is sitting on my right. I notice that someone has sat down next to me on my left. I turn, look at the person, and immediately recognize that she is my maternal grandmother, Leacy Halley (1901-1972). She looks around 40 years old. I am so happy to see her. I now recall that I had asked her to come and be a witness in the case. I hug her, so glad that she is here, even though I am beginning to doubt that we are even going to have a trial.

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