Dream of: 20 February 2021 (2) "Public Reading"   

poetry and prose

are like art and work without

being exclusive  

I am in a room where perhaps 100 people have gathered. Apparently, some of them have brought record albums to sell. I sit down at a table where one person has brought in around ten albums and I begin looking at the covers of the albums. I am principally interested in the albums because of the artwork. I see several albums which I like and which I would like to buy. I want to learn how much each one costs. A tag is at the top of each album, but several numbers are on each tag, so I am unable to positively determine which number is the price. If I am reading the tags correctly, it looks as if the albums are selling for between $1 and $3. However, the number "15" is on at least one of the tags, so I do not know how much an album costs. I decide that if the price is low, then I am going to buy some of the albums. I pick up one album, then pick up another one which is a box set. I am focused on the cover art of each album as I assemble albums with colorful, artistic covers. I think the artwork is the only reason that I am buying the albums. The box set looks particularly attractive with its pink, artistic cover.

After a while, I realize that a poetry reading is also going to take place here, and that I am also going to be reading someone's poetry from a book which I have with me. I open the book up to the two pages which I will be reading and see that script looks more like prose than poetry. I do not like reading in front of a group like this, but I may do it today.

I also notice that some more record albums have been arranged so that each cover will be connected to a poem which has been read. It is as if the arrangement of the albums jives with the poems which are going to be read and tells a story.

One fellow begins reading a poem, but it looks as if not many people are paying attention to him. The atmosphere is still chatty. I think that is good because I think if I do read, people are not going to be expecting much or paying close attention to me. They are all involved in their own little worlds.

The fellow seems to be reading about the same way that I would expect that I could read. I think I may go ahead and read some pages from this book.

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