Dream of: 20 February 2021 "Alien Sighting"   

living with people

is ultimately something


I am at a little house which I own at the dead end of a shoddy street. I had almost forgotten that I own this house since I hardly ever come up here. Now, I am even thinking of moving into this house. As I look at the house from the back, I take notice of a run-down house on the hillside behind my house. I remember that I used to own that little house years ago, but that I sold it. I now see that slovenly people are living in the house and that the yard is cluttered with trash and junk. I almost wish that I had not sold the house so I could clean it up.

I look up into the sky and am surprised by what I see. It almost looks like an orange page from a book which emerges floating in the turbulent white and gray clouds. The image becomes sharper until I think I may be looking at a flat, rectangular space ship from an alien race. A second, smaller, yellow image appears and mingles in with the first image. I conclude that the images most likely are spaceships. Suddenly they fly away together. I am amazed by what I have seen. I do not know what to think; I have never seen anything like that.

Since the spaceships seem to have left, I continue looking at the hill. I never come up here and just sit in this little backyard area. The hill butts right up against my small yard. I scan up the side of the hill and am surprised to see an elegant, old, Victorian wooden house on the hill. I cannot tell if it is boarded up. Then, another similar house further up, and then a third such house on the top of the hill. The last house looks as if it is in the best of shape, although all the houses are so far away that I cannot see them clearly. I think I should find out more about these houses—I might be interested in buying one of them.

I do not even know how to reach those houses. I think I will need to go online and look at the maps of this area. I should be able to get a better view of the houses online as well as to see the road which goes to the houses. It seems interesting that I have never seen these houses and now I realize they are there.

I walk out into the street which dead ends in front of my house. I am not all the way to the end of the street, but I am the last house on the left as one reaches the end of the street. Other houses are up and down the street. My little white car is parked in front of the houses across the street from mine. I have opened my two car doors on the street side and the trunk. I do not want to disturb anyone with my presence. The second white house from the end looks as if it may be vacant. I look at the last white house and think I see a light inside. Then I definitely see a frizzy-haired person who looks like a woman just for a second through the window. I think she is probably wondering who I am or what I am doing here, especially since I rarely come here. I start closing the doors of the car while trying not to cause any commotion. 

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