Dream of: 16 February 2021 "Released from Prison"   

refuse to help those

who adamantly refuse

to help their own selves

 Michelle (probably in her mid-20s) has been freed from prison, and I have found her a room in a motel where she can stay. I have paid rent for a month for both Michelle and another black-haired woman to stay in the room. Now, the next day, I discover that Michelle had a party last night and damaged the place. I am unsure what happened, but I have come to the motel room to see what is going on. I discover that a lawyer for the motel is in the room and is working on putting the place in order. He is a tall, black-haired man (around 60 years old) dressed in a gray suit. He is hanging a cabinet on the wall and is working on a black stereo. Michelle is in the room. I ask her to whom the stereo belongs. Apparently, someone brought it to the room, so now Michelle seems to think that it belongs to her.

I am not happy with the situation. Accusations are made that drugs had been involved and three white pills are found on top of one of the cabinets, although it is not clear that the pills belong to Michelle. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that the pills belong to Michelle.

At one point, I hear some commotion outside. I look through the door and see a group of people out there. It looks as if something is going on next door. Some fellows are out there. I reflect that whenever Michelle goes somewhere, people begin showing up. I do not know if the fellows are out front because Michelle is here or because something else is going on.

The landlord himself finally appears. He is a short fellow. He stands at a counter in the kitchen which almost looks like the interior of a restaurant. I look at the room and the rough wood floors. The place has little to recommend it, yet still seems adequate for the present purpose.

I want the lawyer to know that although I am acting as Michelle's lawyer, I am primarily her friend and not her lawyer. I thought the soft-spoken lawyer would have a proposal about how to proceed, but he goes about his business without addressing the problem. I tell him that we paid for a room for a month. I point out that I also paid for the black-haired woman to stay here. Since the lawyer does not say anything, I come up with the idea that Michelle will be allowed to stay here since the rent has been paid. I do not anticipate that she will stay longer than the month which I have paid for, but since I have paid, I want her to continue on here for the month. I tell the attorney that they should call me if a problem arises in the future. I make it clear that I am not going to help Michelle if she is going to be involved with drugs. I only intend to help her if she is not involved with drugs. She definitely does not look as if she is on drugs at the moment, but I cannot tell for sure if she has used any. I suspect that she probably has used drugs, but at the moment, I do not have any evidence that she has.

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