Dream of: 14 February 2021 (2) "Accumulated Debt"   

to whom or what are

you indebted for the air

you so freely breathe

 Michelle is being held in a place which seems like a prison. A man is apparently in charge of the situation. I give her $50 a week, but she has borrowed extra and is in debt to me. She has owed me as much as $800, but now she is down to only owing me about $200. I figure it will be another month before I give her any more money.

I do not often see her, but right now I can see her in a room. The man is with her. She is bent over with her butt up in the air. I see that she is wearing white panties. Apparently, the man has her do things for him. I find watching him and her together to be somewhat stimulating, although there is not much to see at the moment.

Michelle's mother shows up and stands behind me. I tell her that Michelle is not going to have anything to eat for about a month because she still has to pay me back what she owes me.

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