Dream of: 07 February 2021 "Lost in Paris"  

home is hard to find

when one's lost and abandoned

by one's memories

 I am walking around the crowded streets of Paris with Carolina (with whom I was married from 1989 to 2006) and another fellow. Carolina (probably in her early 20s) and I are staying in a hotel in Paris. Finally, I realize that the fellow and I have become separated from Carolina. I cannot find her anywhere but I am not worried. I finally realize that we are lost. I know that it is no fun to be lost in a place like this.

The other fellow and I finally find Carolina and we continue walking until we end up in a dark, wooded area where I feel unsafe. I hear people talking but I cannot see them. We walk until we are again amongst people. We sit down on a bench and some women walk close to us. One of the women is pregnant. She begins talking English with us. She is not pretty and has crooked teeth. Referring to her pregnancy, I tell her that she looks as if she is "ready to pop." She looks offended and sits down with some other people. I do not try to talk with her anymore.

We begin walking again and looking around. I realize that we need a map. I do not even remember the name of the street of our hotel, but Carolina remembers. I think if we simply had a map, we could find our way to the hotel. We look for someplace where we can find a map and we end up in a little store where a bunch of children is running around. I tell them that we need a map. We walk into a room in a living area which is connected to the store. The children look for a map, but they cannot find one. Finally, while we are sitting at a table, one of the children lifts up a table cloth on the table and pulls a map out from under it. I am relieved. I ask them the name of the street where we are now, but no one seems to know. I look at the map, but I cannot make sense of it. When a bunch of women begins walking around the room, I have a revelation, and I say, "This is a whorehouse."

It seems as if no one is able to help us right now.

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