Dream of: 06 February 2021 (2) "Cleaning Up a Mess"  

once a mess is cleaned

up it can be forgotten

or buried down below

 I am in the attic of the Gay Street House (a stately two-story, Victorian house on the southeast corner of Gay and Eighth Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived from 1965 to 1997). Many things are sitting in the large, floored attic. I think some of the items belong to one of my relatives. I see a table or desk sitting at the end of the attic. Under that piece of furniture spreads a liquid puddle which I recognize as the spillage of some vegetable oil which I had been using as a lotion when I had been masturbating up here. The oil had spilled from the bottle. I immediately realize that I need to clean up the oil before my father or someone else finds it.

I am preparing to clean up the mess, when I seem to hear my sister receiving a phone call from two of her granddaughters (my great-nieces). They say they want something which is in the attic and that they are coming right now to retrieve it. I want to give them something from the attic, but I think I first need to clean up the oily mess in the attic before they arrive. One of them says to my sister over the phone, "Tell Steve we're on our way over there. We're almost on his porch."

Only now do I realize that they are not headed to the Gay Street House, but are actually headed to the 17th Street House (a two-story, frame house which I own in Portsmouth, Ohio where I lived from 2006 to 2017). I now realize that the mess is actually in the attic of the 17th Street House. I know I must immediately rush to the 17th Street House. I need to arrive before my great-nieces arrive so I can clean up the mess. Arriving before them will be difficult because they are already almost there. I need to rush as fast as I can.

I reflect that at least they will not be able to enter the House and see the mess until I arrive.

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