Dream of: 06 February 2021 "A Man Named 'Kitchen'"  

the censor may hide

both truth and lies equally

with solemn effect

 I am with a fellow in his apartment. His name is "Tom Cambell" (he looks like the very Tom Campbell with whom I started Baylor Law School in January 1981). He is about 40 years old and in some way reminds me of my old Salvadoran lawyer friend, Salvador Ibarra (1948 - 1993). Also in the room is a woman (probably in her 30s) who strongly resembles Dominique DiPierro (an FBI agent on the TV series "Mr. Robot").

As Tom and I talk, the subject arises that he is somehow involved with drugs, and he describes to me a scenario which I quickly recognize as having been taken from one of my dreams. He had previously not known that I published my dreams on Facebook, but now, apparently, my publishing dreams has suddenly become of concern to him, and he is worried about my published dreams in which he might appear. He is now describing one of my dreams which I have published. Since I know that he does not read my dreams, I deduce that someone has read the dream and told it to him. I want to know who that person is. I move my face close to his and ask, "Who told you this?"

When he does not answer me, I tell him that I have never used his last name, "Campbell," when I published my dreams on Facebook. I tell him that I only use his first name, "Tom." I tell him that I could change that and not use his first name and that I could use his middle name instead. I ask him what his middle name is, and he whispers in my ear, "Kitchen," as if he does not want the woman who looks like DiPierro to hear what he says. I think I could change his name to "Kitchen" when he appears in my written dreams. The name, however, sounds so peculiar to me. I do not think I have ever heard of someone with the name "Kitchen," and I quickly see that the name "Kitchen" could be a problem because anyone who knows that Tom's middle name is Kitchen will immediately be able to tell that I am dreaming about Tom. So I am not sure that using his middle name is a good idea. I may have to make up a name even though I do not like to make up names. I would prefer to use middle names, but I may not do so this time.

The woman has sat quietly listening to what I have been saying. I know that she is an FBI agent and that she is listening to everything. It seems that she is a cousin of Tom's. She finally says, "This is concerning."

I think she is refering to the information about Tom's involvement with drugs in my dreams which she thinks is "concerning." I defend myself by immediately retorting that if I had something to hide, if I were actually dealing heroin, I would not be publishing this stuff on Facebook. I reflect that just a short while ago, we had smoked some marijuana together. The woman had been with us and had partaken. Speaking to the woman, I say, "The only drug I do is what you've seen me do. Which, as I recall ..."

I stop without finishing the sentence but I am overtly referring to our having recently smoked marijuana together. I am saying that marijuana is the only drug which I use. I am also pointing out that she herself smokes marijuana.

She seems to calm down a bit, as if she is now not so concerned about what she has heard.

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