Dream of: 05 February 2021 "Evicted"  

large problems and small

seem to beset the steps of

an unsettled life

 No sooner have another fellow and I simply moved into a building and begun staying there in a couple of empty rooms, than a man shows up and tells us that we must leave. The fellow and I start walking down a long, dark hall with the man, until I finally holler out to the man—who is walking ahead of us—that we left our possessions in the rooms. The man was not aware of this fact. He immediately enlists a second man who starts pushing long metal carts back down the hallway to the empty room. I know that most of my possessions are stacked up in one of the rooms, and I am uncertain that the cart is big enough to hold everything. I think the men are going to set all our possessions outside the building and that the other fellow and I will have to make do however we can.

I suddenly remember that somewhere in the room, I also had a small marijuana roach less than a centimeter long. I begin to worry that the men will find the roach. I think if I went back into the room before the men, I might be able to hide the roach by sticking it between two of my fingers. I worry that if a cop showed up, he might want to search me and he might find the roach. I reflect that the roach is very small, but that it could cause me a lot of problems. 

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