Dream of: 29 January 2021 "The Mendels and the Josey Feefus"  

 only eternal

life can give meaning to a

dark black universe

 It appears that the world is going to come to an end. The earth is going to eventually fall into the sun. When people first heard about this, they thought is was going to happen in just a couple days, but it turns out that it is going to take years. So, projects begin to build space ships to fly off into space. Everything becomes concentrated on these projects. Gigantic space ships will be built, as well as little two-person spaceships in which a man and a woman can fly. From this time forward, everything is concentrated on building the spaceships and preparing for the journey into space.

It is determined that mankind is divided into two groups. One group is called the "Mendels" and the other group is called the "Josey Feefus." Only one of these groups has the proper genes to live in space. Only members of that group will be allowed to go. It is further determined that even within the group that is allowed to go into space, only the most fit people will be able to go. To determine the most fit, little contests will be held. On the day of the loading the ships, for example, there will be a ten mile race to the ship. Only the people who make it to the ship first will be loaded up. A question arises about what will happen to anyone who is not on time but who tries to board the ship anyway. I think that such persons will probably be shot.

A vicious contest has developed to prepare people to take off in ships into space.

Commentary of 02 February 2021

Some Christians believe that when the body dies, the soul then goes either to heaven or hell.

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