Dream of: 18 January 2021 "Night Danger"   

telling darkness from

light should always rank among

your easiest tasks

 I wake up in the middle of the night lying on my back in a bed. I realize that Robert Moss (an internet dream aficionado) is lying on his back next to me on my left in the middle of the bed. A woman is lying on the other side of Moss. I do not know Moss well and I am unsure whether we will end up becoming friends or enemies. I reflect that he seems like the kind of person that I would rather work with, than against.

I am completely naked. Moss is asleep, but he is fully dressed in a white shirt and pants. I feel comfortable being here with Moss—I do not believe that he would try to touch me in any way. I do not think he is that kind of person. I am sure that I would not touch him in any way and I am careful to watch that my left hand does not inadvertently touch him.

I am aware of some danger in this house which sits atop a high hill, but I think it is unlikely that anyone would come up here and bother us. I have a gun which is hidden under something near the end of the bed.

I doze off, then suddenly awaken. I look to my right at a widow with white blinds. I can see a light moving around outside through the cracks of the blinds. I realize that someone is out there and that there is some danger. I holler to Moss, "Hey! Get up!" I reach to my left to awaken him only to discover that no one is there—both Moss and the woman have disappeared.

I sit up on the side of the bed. I want to hurry and grab the gun. I continue looking at the window, but I do not see any more light. Now, I am not even sure if I actually saw the light to begin with. 

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