Dream of: 08 January 2021 "Needing To Dream"  

I am riding in a car which my father (1932-2016) is driving in Shawnee State Forest. He is probably in his 40s. Other members of my family are also in the car including my sister. We have gone for an outing to the forest.

My father seems to become irritated about something and he starts driving faster and faster. I know the way that he is driving is dangerous. I know that he sometimes becomes angry and drives erraticaly like this. I have my laptop turned on and I try to concentrate on it. I do not say anything. I almost say something once when he is going too fast, but I hold back and do not say anything.

He appears to be looking for someplace for us to stay for the night. He cannot find any place and he is becoming frustrated. Finally, he looks at me and says that I have a computer so I can, "Google it." He wants me to find a place to stay on Google. I do not really want to do that.

My sister is asleep. I am afraid that my father is going to wake her up. I do not want to awaken her. I think that she is dreaming and that is what she needs to do right now.

 I decide to google for my father to see if I can find someplace to stay.

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