Dream of: 03 January 2021 (2) "Plea Deal"  

     Arrested with a bunch of other people, I am now in custody in a big room. I am sitting down on a seat which looks like a car seat. Several of these seats are arranged in rows one after the other. A black-haired, male prosecutor is sitting in the next to last seat. We are both probably in our 20s. I walk back toward the prosecutor, but I begin talking to a young fellow sitting in the seat behind the prosecutor. After I finish talking with the young fellow, I sit back down in my seat by myself. At one point, I see another small room off to the side where perhaps twenty black men are all crammed in together.

I listen to the people talk around me and I realize that I am going to be going on trial in just a couple hours. I do not even know yet what the charge is. I write down notes, trying to prepare questions for witnesses at my trial. I also think of what questions I would have for the jury. I would like to know each jurist's stance on the legalization of marijuana, even though I do not think this is a marijuana case. I am unsure whether I will even be allowed to ask the question or whether it is even a relevant question.

I know some of these people who are clearly from the lower echelon of society. The fact that I have associated with some of these people has apparently been grounds for my arrest. I reflect that I do have this tendency to associate with a lower class of people and to avoid upper classes of people. I feel more comfortable with the lower class. I simply do not like associating with upper classes of people.

After listening to the clatter around me, I conclude that this is going to be a drug charge. I still do not know the exact nature of the charge, but I do know the main jeopardy I face if I am convicted is the loss of my law license. Losing my law license is my major concern in what is transpiring here.

Even though I may be completely innocent, I still might try to seek a plea bargain with the prosecutor. If I am charged with a felony—and it appears that I am charged with a felony—even if I am innocent, I might agree to plead guilty if the charge is reduced to a misdemeanor. That way I would not be in danger of losing my law license. However, I would prefer to go to trial because I think I could beat this case if I could figure out what it is.

Finally, I stand up and walk over to the prosecutor to talk with him. The young fellow with whom I previously talked is still sitting within earshot behind the prosecutor. I tell the prosecutor I would like to talk with him, but I would like to do it in private. The prosecutor, however, does not seem to want to move. The other fellow now looks like an apple lying on the seat. I push the apple far enough away so that he can no longer hear the prosecutor and me speaking. I start talking to the prosecutor and I say, "You got a deal for me?"

He looks smug. I know that he knows that I am an attorney, unlike all these other people. So in a certain way, I am on the same level as he. I immediately have the distinct impression that he is going to offer me a plea bargain for a misdemeanor offense. I do not like the idea of accepting the plea bargain.

I see a couple pictures lying nearby of a couple men. The word "exonerated" is on the pictures. I know the pictures concern recent trials where a couple people went to trial and were found not guilty. I think that is what would happen if I went to trial. At the same time, fighting this case would take so much effort. If I could conclude the matter right now with a simple misdemeanor plea, I would probably do it.

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