Dream of: 31 December 2020 "Preparing For Battle"  

     I belong to a military force in ancient times when wars are fought with swords and shields and spears. We are not in battle yet, but we are training for the battle to come. We are all basically raw recruits with no experience in war. We are trying to develop a method and are being taught a particular strategy of how to fight when we are on the field.

We are taught that when we meet the enemy on the field, we are to concentrate on only one adversary who is in front of us. We are told to throw our spear and kill that one person. We will only use our sword and shield as defensive weapons when we are attacked. The idea is to concentrate on the spear and not on the sword and shield. We are to concentrate on throwing the spear at a single person.

When we are training, I imagine the adversary—at whom I am going to throw my spear—as a white car. I concentrate completely on hitting the white car with my spear. I still have my sword, and if I need to protect myself, I will use my sword and shield. I might even have to momentarily stick my spear into the ground beside me while I concentrate on fending off the enemy with my sword and shield. Everything, however, must be concentrated on attacking with the spear.

I imagine that the warriors on my side will attack the opposing soldiers several times. When we face the enemy, I must concentrate on using my spear to kill one single person in front of me. At the same time, I must fend off attacks with my sword and shield. By using this particular strategy and concentrating on nothing else, we will be victorious.

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