Dream of: 28 December 2020 (2) "Surface Dirt"    

     I am in a big, old, two-story house in Portsmouth, Ohio, probably on Robinson Avenue. David (a specific man probably in his 40s whom I know) owns the house. David is my father and he is living here with my mother and a couple male children who belong to them.

It is morning and I have not yet arisen. I am lying on the floor in the downstairs living room. Apparently, I spent the night here. My father begins criticizing one of my younger brothers (probably around 15 yeas old) and basically calls him a good-for-nothing. My father finally runs my brother off. I feel bad about that because I do not like to see my brother treated that way.

As I continue to lie on the floor, I gradually become aware that my father is having some problems with this house. I also hear him talking about a couple deeds. Although I am unsure what he is talking about, apparently, a problem has occurred with the deeds of a couple other houses which he owns. I start asking questions. I know about deeds and I think I can probably help him solve the problem. I try to discern which two houses he is talking about. It sounds as if he bought one of the houses from me. I try to remember which house I sold him. He mentions the name of a street, but I cannot remember having ever heard of that street. He then begins talking about other problems.

My paternal great-aunt Dorothy Ressinger (probably in her 60s) walks in. When I finally stand up from the floor, Dorothy (1903-2002) says, "You're dirty." I know that I am indeed dirty and that I am wearing dirty clothes from yesterday. I reply to Dorothy, "It's all surface." By that, I mean that I can quickly wash the dirt off me. I might look scroungy at the moment, but the dirt comes off. My father, however disagrees with what I have said, and he says, "No, there's a hole in the floor of the back porch." I am unsure what he is talking about. I think he must be talking about one of my houses where he has noticed a bad spot in the floor of one of the porches.

I continue talking with him as I walk around the house which my father has been renovating. I can see the work which he has been doing. I see where he has been working on the floor in one room. It looks as if he has been repairing the linoleum by smoothing in the holes with a white substance that has dried and then been sanded down. It looks good, but that seems like a lot of work simply to repair linoleum. He could have simply replaced the linoleum.

I now recall that I originally sold him this house quite a while ago, and then he moved into the house. At the moment, it becomes clear to me that my father is having severe financial problems. I ask him if there is a mortgage on the house. He hands me some papers with many numbers on them. He says something about the mortgage, and I finally figure out that he does have a mortgage and that the payments are around $1,500 a month. That sounds like an enormous amount to me since he has no income. I do not know how he is making the payments. Apparently, he is having problems with it.

I next ask him if he has been paying his property taxes. He is evasive and does not tell me, so I figure that he is probably also behind on his property taxes. It is hard to say how much he owes on those.

I quickly think that I could help him out. I could perhaps lend him $10, 000. I presently have $160, 000 in disposable cash. However, I really do not want to lend him the money because I can see the money could start disappearing very quickly if I became involved with trying to help him.

I reflect that I own some houses which need repairs. I think of the Mabert Street house and the Stanton Street house. I think perhaps I could hire him to work on those houses. It does appear that he does good work. I wonder if he would work for $10 an hour. I figure that would only give him $200 a week or $800 a month. That would not help him that much. He needs much more than that.

I do not see a real solution here. Now that I look around at the house, I realize that it is not that great of a house. He would not make much money if he tried to sell it. I would like to help him, but the situation is such a mess, I am unsure that I can do anything to help. I continue trying to figure out how to help my father out of this mess. It is not looking good.

Commentary of 29 December 2020  

the house in which one

 lives is often a symbol

of one's inner soul

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