I have been trying to dream about the Facebook IASD, without much success. Last night, however, I feel as if the Facebook IASD appeared in my dream. As someone who believes in interpretation of dreams, I interpret the "house" in this dream to symbolize the "Facebook IASD."  

Dream of: 25 December 2020 "Making A Contribution"   

   I am inside a big, old, elegant, multi-story, Victorian house which has been converted into a sort of lush, social night-club—only much fancier than a night club—where people meet and socialize.

I have met an attractive blonde woman who is almost 35 years younger than I, and about a foot shorter. I immensely enjoy her company. She is here tonight with another woman. She is well-dressed and classy. She looks superb. I talk with her for a while and I enjoy being with her, but she and the other woman finally leave. I continue to hang out here further into the evening until the blonde and her companion return here to the club. I instinctively know that she is returning because she knows that I am here. I do not say anything to her.

Suddenly an older woman—probably even older than I—marches into the room. She is the owner of this establishment. I can tell that some uproar about my being here has taken place, and that she is going to compel me to leave.

Several people are gathered around this table. We all sit down and begin talking. I am sitting on one side of the long table while the blonde woman is sitting at the head of the table on my right. The older woman is sitting on the other side of the table across from me off a little to my left. I begin imploring the older woman not to force me to leave.

I know that the principal reason for my contemplated expulsion is that I am with a woman who is so much younger than I. I explain that I simply enjoy the blonde woman's company. She is a very, very attractive woman. She sits without speaking. I tell the older woman that I am aware that there is a 35-year age difference between the blonde and me. I want to explain that the woman and I are not going to marry or be indissolubly connected to each other—I simply enjoy being with her.

The question of having sex with the blonde woman does not arise, but I am not going to say that I am never going to have sex with her. I think there is a possibility that I will have sex with this woman—I am not sure yet. At the moment, however, my relationship with the blonde is not sexual. I simply enjoy her company.

As the blonde and I sit here, we start holding hands. That is the first time that she and I have even touched.

I continue presenting my case to the older woman. I say, "I like to come here." To myself I think that I know I do not have to come here—I can go to other places. I just like it here. I feel comfortable here and I immensely enjoy being here. To bolster my case, I finally, look straight at the older lady and I say, "I will contribute."

As soon as I say that, the older lady perks up. I mean to say that I will financially support this place. I am not sure how much I would be willing to pay, but I could pay something. The whole atmosphere has now completely changed and I have the feeling that the older lady is going to allow me to come here, as long as I contribute.

I am feeling pretty good about this now, although I am still thinking about what I meant when I said, "I will contribute." I do not want to contribute that much. I am thinking "maybe $100 a month." I do not want to pay more than that, but I could afford that. It looks as if this meeting might have a good ending.

Picture: Daniel's Answer to the King

Artist: B. Pratt

Date: 1892

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