Dream of: 21 December 2020 "A Certain Point In Life"   

   I am with two fellows who resemble two Appalachian friends from my high school and early college years: Randy Ramey (1952-2008) and Mike Walls. They are probably in their 20s. They work for me doing manual work—renovating a house or something like that. Randy has a car, but Mike does not. Randy picks Mike and me up every day in his car and transports us to work where we only work for a few hours a day.

We are on the job now. We have not worked long, but it is already time to quit. We all board Randy's car. Randy is driving and Mike is sitting in the front passenger seat, while I am riding in the back. As Randy drives, he mentions that someone has offered him a pretty good job of some sort, but he is not yet sure that he is going to take it. I start talking to him with the intention of helping him decide what he is going to do.

I know that Mike and Randy have troubled histories in their lives. It is unlikely that they will ever be able hold regular jobs like people do in normal society. However, I think that this job offer for Randy may be an opportunity for him to start leading a normal life. I begin talking with him in a casual way. Unlike me, their long, troubled histories have held them back. For myself, I do not need a regular job. I have risen above that point. I can do whatever I want.

I tell Randy that he could take the job and turn his life around. He could have a house, a wife, a nice car, and settle down to a regular life. I can see that he is thinking about it, but he does not seem to have the ambition to do something like that.

I say that "at a certain point" you reach a place where you are no longer able to turn your life around like that and begin a new life. It becomes too late. You cannot go back and start your life over. Your way of life is established and you can no longer take on a new life style.

I begin to imagine how people with a troubled past might still be able to find a job and move up the ladder. For someone in the United States, they might be best advised to move to another country and start from there. I specifically think of Colombia, and I mention Colombia to Randy, but I am not talking about the drug business in Colombia. I am only talking about getting into some business in Colombia. You could enter business there because no one would know who you are or that you had a checkered past. A troubled past would not hinder a person in Colombia. From another country, a person with a troubled past might be able to enter an American enterprise through a "back door."

I can imagine someone moving to a place like Colombia or another country and finding a job in a company which is later bought out by a big American corporation. Nobody would know about your past, and you could climb the corporate ladder from the foreign company into the American company, and therefore secure influential employment in America.

I am think about how Randy could climb the ladder in a foreign country. He could end up in a company in Colombia or somewhere like that. He could come into the United States through "the back door."

As I am thinking, I almost seem to be watching a movie based on this scenario. I even imagine a big building—perhaps a government building—in Colombia. I see a black-haired man in the rotunda of the building. He seems like a character in the scenario which I have been imagining. Now, however, the man also seems like a spy conducting espionage in a government building. He is opening a door in the rotunda and he appears to have a gun which almost looks like a ray gun from an old science fiction movie. He opens a big, white door and looks around inside the room, preparing to enter.

Commentary of 21 December 2020 

 A checkered past does not necessarily mean a foresaken future if one listens to one's dreams.

we reach certain points
in life where avenues are
forever foreclosed

Picture: Space Pilot X Ray Gun made in Japan by Taiyo early 1970s 
Date: 1 November 2009, 09:25
Author: Joost J. Bakker

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