Dream of: 18 December 2020 "In Trump's Entourage"   

  In Donald Trump's entourage, I follow Trump into a building. As soon as we enter, Trump is taken into custody and appears to be arrested, although I cannot tell for sure. He is taken away and I am left standing alone. I wait for quite a while to see what is going to happen to Trump, until finally many men in dark suits begin walking past me. I finally see a man in the distance who looks like Trump brought out in handcuffs. Apparently, he has been arrested and is being taken away. As I am watching the men leave, a man steps up behind me and asks, "Steve Collier?"

When I answer, "Yes," he puts his arms around me from behind in a bear hug, grabs his hands together, and holds me tight. We then go marching with the same group of men who had been walking past me. At the same time, the man questions me about Trump. He seems a bit desperate to learn whether I have any information so they can keep Trump in custody.

I do not know anything. If I knew anything, I would willingly tell them—I do not care if they arrest Trump. Although I do not know anything, I still rattle off a few facts about Trump. I mention that he is surrounded by "yes-men." I know that none of the things that I mention are crimes—just unpleasant facts about Trump.

We continue to walk and the man continues to hold unto me. I feel very uncomfortable with this and I ask, "Am I under arrest?" He answers, "No," but he still will not release me. I finally tell him to let go of me, but he does not. I cannot see him, except for his arms in front of me. I see that he is wearing a brown jacket and dark-brown, cloth gloves. Finally, I stop in my tracks, grab his arms, and pull as hard as I can. I say emphatically, "Let me go!" He resists, but I finally manage to break his grip and pull his arms off me. As I do so, I think, "He probably will arrest me now."

Nevertheless, I think that if I am not under arrest, I am not going to allow these people to take me down to a dungeon and keep me.

Dozens of men in dark suits continue to walk by. Some of them look at me as they pass. The man who had been holding me continues to stand there, but he does not put his arms around me anymore and he does not try to arrest me. As I watch the men continue to march past, I am not sure what will happen to me now.

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