Dream of: 17 December 2020 "Crown Of Liberty"   


 While my father (who looks exactly like Donald Trump), is on a big ocean liner, he falls overboard into the water. I can see him floating in the water. I particularly note that he is wearing a crown which looks like that of the Statue of Liberty, with the long spikes sticking out.

I watch him float along for several miles close to the shore—which seems to be in a foreign country. I am concerned that we are going to have to try to rescue him, but he seems to be doing okay, and finally, he manages to climb out of the water onto the shore. Since he has travelled several miles in the water, I think he must be tired. Yet, he does not seem to be tired. I am amazed at the amount of energy which he seems to possess. I continue to watch him.

Later, I am sitting on the floor in a garage when my father (now looking like his normal self, probably in his 50s) walks into the garage, and begins telling me about his plans to build a tall building 10-15 stories high. Apparently, I am going to help him with this project. When he finishes talking with me and starts to walk out of the garage, I notice two stacks of paper money—each about an inch high—lying on the floor of the garage. I know that this is part of the money that he is going to need for the building, but I do not say anything to him. I think I will simply pick up the money after he leaves. I will then see if he later says anything to me about the money. I do not plan to keep the money. I just want to see how long it takes him to realize that he is missing the money. Then I will give him the money.

Before I pick up the money, however, he walks back into the garage and again sits on the ground—right on top of the money. He only stays a short while, then—without even noticing the money under him—he stands back up and walks out of the garage.

I am still contemplating whether to leave the money lying where it is, or to pick it up and hang onto it until my father misses it. I wonder what would happen if I were to pick up the money, and then my father never asked me about the money or mentioned losing it, because he might not want to admit that he had lost the money. I wonder what I would do in that situation. I am sure that I would finally give the money to him, but seeing that scenario play itself out would be interesting. 

Commentary of 17 December 2020

 Trump has appeared or been mentioned in 29 of my written dreams. On 05 May 2020, I assembled 15 of those dreams into a little story which can be read here:

the liberty of
america is guarded
by its honesty
Picture: Head of the Statue of Liberty on display in a park in Paris.
Photographer: Fernique, Albert
Date: 1893

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