Dream of: 16 December 2020 "Red-Throated Bird"   


I look out a window and see a dark-colored bird perching on a bush. I am surprised when the bird raises its head and reveals bright colors on its breast and a bright red color on its throat. I am especially surprised because only a day or two ago, I was looking at a picture of a bird with a red neck. This bird definitely seems to mean something to me, but I do not know what it is. Try as I might, I cannot remember the name of the bird. I am definitely going to have to try to find out the name of this red-throated bird.

Commentary of 16 December 2020
Maybe I should start feeding the birds here in this beautiful, natural wonderland in which I Iive.
think of the beauty
of nature as giving you
some purpose in life
Picture: Postage Stamp

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