Dream of: 13 December 2020 "Shot Between The Eyes"     

I am in a battle in a war which resembles the United States Civil War. The troops on my side have marched up to the opposing troops so that we are standing close to each other. Our long rifles are muzzle-loaders which must be loaded by putting the bullet in the end of the rifle and pushing it down inside the barrel.

I look at a couple of the soldiers on the other side, and I think I will shoot them. Then I see one fellow on the opposing side whom I know. Wearing a light-gray jacket, he is standing slouched over next to me as if he is unconcerned about the battle which is taking place. I know that his name is "McGee."

My fellow soldiers do not seem to be paying much attention to McGee. I scrutinize him. He has gray hair and is probably in his 60s. I put my bullet in my rifle, point the rifle right at the middle of his forehead which is only a couple feet away, and I pull the trigger. A muffled bang follows, and McGee falls straight on his back to the ground. My fellow soldiers stand around me and stare, as if they cannot believe what just happened.

I am not happy with what I have done, but I figure this was part of the battle, and I think I did the right thing.

Commentary of 14 December 2020

Life can be a constant battle.

once you are in the

battle you must fight without

letup for your cause

Picture: Springfield Rifle 1861

Author: Smithsonian, US Government

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