Dream of: 10 December 2020 (3) "Drawing On The Wall"     

I am at a bar which is owned by my father (1932-2016). He is probably in his 50s. The bar is located in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio, on the north side of Gallia Street between Gay Street and Chillicothe Street in the area where the pawn shop is located. I do not think I have ever visited this bar before, although I may have been here once. I have come this evening to see what it is like here. The place is mainly like one big, bright, clean, pastel room in a house. No decorations and only a few pieces of furniture on which to sit.

A couple middle-age men show up. We stand around and talk. The place does not even seem like a bar, but more like a room in a house. I have a beer. There is not much to do here, but it is not unpleasant. I walk around the bar thinking, "This is not your typical bar."

At some point I walk over to one of the blank pastel walls and I draw a picture on it. I am not even sure why I am drawing the picture. It seems that I may be doing it so we can throw darts at it. I draw a picture of two or three men, then stand back and look at it. I also write something on the drawing and make a misspelling. I had written "A" when I should have written "AN" because the following word began with a vowel. I think maybe I can squeeze an "N" between the "A" and the following word, but finally realize there is not enough space to make it look right. So I take a pencil with an eraser on it and start erasing off the misspelled letter. It erases right off as if the wall were purposely made that way so that marks could be easily wiped from it.

I finally stand back and look at the colorful drawing. I am surprised at how good it looks—almost artistic. It covers a whole wall over a meter wide above a mantel. Two or three men are in the drawing and some green trees on the left and rear of the drawing. I have used a brown color for the faces which are round and just have little points for the eyes. As I notice that the faces of the men have a distinct characteristic about them, I think about the drawings which Robert Moss (a Facebook dream writer) sometimes attaches to his dreams on his Facebook page. I think that his characters look distinct just as the men in my drawing look distinct. This mental comparison between his characters and mine surprises me.

I see my father looking at the drawing approvingly, as if it has added to the atmosphere here. I think I will leave the drawing there and not erase it. I am glad that I drew it.

One of the other men is a thin man who starts talking with me but I cannot hear him well possibly because music is playing in the background. I reflect that I do not like talking with people when music is playing—when I talk with someone, I just want to concentrate on what we are talking about. I walk over closer to the man so I can hear him better, but now he lowers his voice and I still am unable to hear him. That is disappointing. I wonder if I am having problems with my hearing. It seems as if this has happened to me before.

I finally give up and walk away from the man. I am thinking of leaving, but then I decide to have another beer. Taking all the atmosphere in together, I am rather enjoying being here. I think my father has this place so a few people can gather together and socialize. I think I will have another beer and stick around for a while.

 Commentary of 10 December 2020

Each dream has something to give us.

bring a piece of art

back from your bright dream life to

enhance your real life 

Picture: Drawn on 10 December 2020

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