Dream of: 10 December 2020 (2) "Free Comics"     

I have shown up at a place which is something like a warehouse where thousands of comic books are stacked up and being given away by a library which is clearing out its stock. I am amazed. I start looking through the comics and picking out ones which I would like to keep. Not many people are here so I am able to pick what I want. I see copies of Fantastic Four and start stacking them up. I notice that some of the comics are slightly damp and have been damaged and are sticking together. Most of the comics, however, are in good shape.

I especially concentrate on copies of Fantastic Four, although I also find copies of Spiderman and Thor. I think there must be a million comics here. I am surprised that the library is giving the comics away since I am sure the library could have sold the comics and made a good profit from them.

More and more people show up and finally a long line of teenagers appears and and the teenagers start looking through the comics. I realize that I am taking too much time picking through the comics and that I should instead start picking up stacks of the comics and carrying them out to my car which is parked nearby.

I notice that most of the comics are not old, valuable comics, but rather newer comics. Only a few older comics are mixed in with the newer ones.

I greedily continue picking out as many good comics as I can, while at the same time thinking of using a new tactic of picking up whole stacks of comics at a time and carrying them out to my car and filling up my car as well as I can.  

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