Dream of: 10 December 2020 "Emotion On Display"     

I am lying on my back in a bed in a two-story, frame house (which resembles the Ressinger House where my great-uncle Adolph Ressinger and my great-aunt Dorothy Ressinger lived on Seventh Street between Broadway and Boundary Streets in the east end of Portsmouth, Ohio from the 1940s to the 1980s before their deaths). I presently own the house, but my friend Michelle (probably in her early 30s) is living here. I am visiting her and am in the bedroom, asleep, late at night, when I hear a noise and awaken. Michelle is lying asleep on my left. A black-haired man (probably in his 30s) who is Michelle's father (her actual blond-haired father died on March 11, 2011) is lying asleep on my right.

I hear a man hollering in the adjoining room. Concerned about what is transpiring, I holler out. Michelle awakens and I tell her that someone is out there. She answers, "It's my boyfriend."

I am surprised because I did not know that she had a boyfriend. I am concerned since I am sleeping here in bed with her. I know that I am not having any physical contact with her, but her "boyfriend" does not know this. I can still  hear him making noise outside the door. Michelle stands up to go out and see what her boyfriend wants. I do not know what her exact relationship is with him, but I figure that he must know that I am in here. I think perhaps they have a relationship where he accepts her sleeping with someone in order to derive some income. I am upset, not because she has a boyfriend, but because she has not told me about it, and has put me in this situation. At some point, I realize the her boyfriend is Joey Talbert (a friend of Michelle's who died on November 19, 2020 at the age of 33). 

Concerned, I think I should leave. I stand up. Her father also stands up. All three of us walk outside the house where I climb onto a bicycle and peddle away from the house. When I hear Michelle say something to me, I stick out my right arm and spitefully raise my middle finger in the air to her. I continue riding away, then suddenly remember that I had earlier stuck some money under the house next door. I had a few one-hundred-dollar bills which I stuck in one spot, and some more folding money which I stuck under another spot. I turn my bike around to return so I can retrieve the money. I know that I tucked the money under the house with just small corners sticking out so I could just grab the corners and pull the money out. I think that Michelle, still standing on the porch, will see me pull out the money and then will want me to stay. She will want some of the money, but I do not intend to give her any.

When I pull back up close to the porch, I say to Michelle, "I want to know what the deal is between you and Joey."

I would like her to clarify what her relationship is with Joey. She responds, "Ok," and she starts to explain it to me. 

Commentary 10 December 2020

In 2011, I cobbled together almost 200 of my dreams, in which Michelle either appeared or was mentioned, into a story which I called "The Impossible Dream:"


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