Dream of: 07 December 2020 "Kieva"     

I am visiting George W. Bush at his large home in Portsmouth, Ohio where he is presently president of the United States. Quite a few people are present. He says, "Come with me," and we walk out a door of the house.

Having stepped outside, we find ourselves in downtown Portsmouth on Chillicothe Street (the central north-south street). We are walking south from around the Sixth Street area toward Third Street. Many people are on the street. I am amazed that I am walking in front of these people with the current president of the United States. I wonder if other people will likewise be amazed to see me walking here with president Bush. Accompanying Bush is quite an honor. He turns out to be a likeable person, almost childlike. I am enjoying his company. He is probably about 60 years old and is as friendly as can be. We even put our arms around each other and hug.

At some point, I realize that Bush has snuck away from the secret service. Ordinarily, they would be accompanying us. I anticipate that the secret service might be angry that he has snuck away like this. I am sure they could track us down if they wanted to since we are just walking around in public. He asks me if I would like to have lunch. I answer, "Now?"

He indicates, "Yes," and mentions the name of a restaurant which is just across the street. We are now in the area of Third and Chillicothe Streets, in the area of the old eight-story Hurth Hotel.  We walk together across the street to the building which I think is the restaurant, but when we enter, the place seems to be a hotel instead of a restaurant. Bush and I ascend to an upper floor and together enter a hotel room which is crowded with many people. I need a little while to figure out what is going on here, but I finally realize that these people are here to use a new drug that is injected with a syringe. Bush intends to take an injection of the new drug. I am uncertain whether he has previously injected the drug.

A tray which contains the drug is here in open sight: the drug turns out to be contained inside a vegetable which looks like oversized cucumbers, two or three times as big as regular cucumbers. Apparently, the idea is to insert a syringe into a cucumber. The juice of the cucumber is then drawn out into the syringe and then injected into people.

I am dubious about doing this, but Bush wants to inject the drug. We are delayed, however, by a question of whether we will be allowed to do it. Bush steps off and circulates around the room by himself. It is unclear that people even know who he is. I hear one person say that they seem to recognize him and that they have seen him before, but they still do not know who he is. 

I talk for a while with a young fellow (around 20 years old) who is present. He likewise has never used the drug. I then walk back over to Bush. I learn that the name of the drug is "kieva." Along the way, a man stands up and gives a little speech about the drug. He says that injecting anything at all into the body is against the natural laws of nature. He mentions "penicillin" and says, "even penicillin." He says that a person should not inject anything into the body. Nevertheless, he is going to inject people with the drug. So, it seems odd that he would be giving this speech about not injecting drugs, and yet he is going to be the very person injecting kieva into people. It appears that he is preparing to start injecting people right now.

I am a little concerned about the prospect of using the drug because I am unsure what the effect is going to be—on Bush and on me. If Bush goes out of his mind after taking the drug, and the secret service then show up, they might blame me. If he is out of his mind, he will not be able to explain to the secret service that I am with him, or that I am his friend. So...that is a bit of a concern about using the drug.

Commentary 08 December 2020

An America with a more relaxed attitude toward drugs would be a more embraceable, childlike America.

follow the rules and

mind-expanding rewards may

be experienced 

Picture: Downtown Portsmouth, Ohio on Chillicothe Street looking north from Third Street toward Sixth Street in the distance. This is the area where Bush and I were walking, coming from the rear of the picture toward the foreground. All the buildings are the same as today, only with different names.

Date: circa 1940s

Author: Unknown

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