Dream of: 06 December 2020 "Buying A Car"     

While I am driving around, I see what looks like an empty grocery store parking lot with one car sitting in it. I remember that people sometimes sell cars here, and I remember that I am in a market for a new car. The car is old—probably from the mid 1950s. It is white and either blue or green. I am not sure if it is a Ford or a Chevy, but I think it is a Ford. I pull up close to the car to take a look at it.

I step out of my car and see a stout, black-haired fellow (probably in his 30s) standing near the car. He looks like someone trying to look like an Italian gangster, but he is not intimidating, more like someone from an old sitcom.

I like the looks of the car which is old, and not in great condition. I ask the fellow how it runs, then I climb into the car and start it up. It sounds good.  

I look at the odometer and ask, "How many miles does it show?" meaning I think it has many more miles than what will be on the odometer which says something like 141,000 or 114,000 miles.

The fellow seems a little peculiar. I ask him how much he wants for the car and he answers, "Three thousand." That does not sound bad to me for a car like this which is running. I am definitely interested.

I drive the car around the parking lot and am surprised and impressed by how well it runs. I step out of the car and look it over again. Now, it looks more like a tractor. It is very rusty. It has an enclosed seat where a couple people could sit. I think if I had a girlfriend, or if I were to go on a date, there would be room for both of us to sit on the tractor. I continue to look at the rusty tractor and think it would be a beauty if it were repaired and painted. I think I would only be able to drive around town and I would not be able to go far, but it would be a nice vehicle to drive around town.

I am thinking that I could buy it right now for cash. I have $3, 000. I would have to go fetch the money, but I have it. I know I can only withdraw $1, 000 per day out of the ATM, but I think I have enough cash on hand. I am definitely interested, but I am hesitant because I am worried that the fellow might not have good title. I know how to check the title. I ask the fellow, "Do you have the title."

He pulls out a pink paper which is the title to the car. I look at the paper and it looks like the title to me. I know that the fellow will also have to produce identification to prove that he is the owner of the vehicle. I ask, "Do you have a driver's license?"

He pulls out a piece of white paper with black script which looks more like a two-inch long sales receipt than a driver's license. I say, "That's not a driver's license."

My hopes are quickly sinking that he can prove that he is the owner of the car. The fellow finally seems to concede that he does not have proper identification, but he still wants to show me some paper. He says, "I don't have shit on a stick, but let me show ya ..."

Commentary of 07 December 2020

Although my dreams reflect my everyday life in many ways, I also seem to have an independent dream-identity which does not correspond to my waking life. It seems bizarre to think of myself as having two separate identities—waking and dreaming—, yet sometimes I wonder if this is the case.

search for beauty in

dreams and you will find beauty

in your waking life

Picture: Ford Fairlane 4-Door Sedan 1956

Author: Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden

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