Dream of: 05 December 2020 (2) "Personality Test"     

I am a student in a high school where I am taking a personality or an aptitude test. Sarah (an attractive woman in her late 20s whom I have known for more than ten years) is sitting next to me, and is also taking the test. Although we are allowed to sit next to each other, we are not allowed to help each other. Some of the questions on my test are about her and some of her questions are about me.

The test is tedious and lasts all day. There is a question on the test about whether I could kiss her. This question has arisen previously between us, and she has made it clear to me that I cannot kiss her. Nevertheless, at some point, while her head is lying face down on the table, I barely kiss the back of her neck just for an instant.

Although we have until 7:00 to finish the test, we both finish at 6:30. She leaves first and I watch her walking down the street ahead of me. Then I leave.

Commentary of 06 December 2020

It appears it is time to concentrate on lucid dreaming.

life is a test to

see how much beauty we are

able to create

Picture: IC-1011. The largest galaxy I know of with an estimated 100,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion) stars.

Date: 22 June 1995, 08:12:17

Author: NASA/ESA/Hubble Space Telescope

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