Dream of: 04 December 2020 (2) "Losing Memory"    

I have been to see an attorney (who resembles a specific, professional man whom I know), who presently works for my father (1932-2016), about filing a bankruptcy case for someone. I have prepared the bankruptcy petition and it is ready to be filed. The attorney, however, does not want to file the case. He and I have talked about this before. We discuss the case again, and I decide not to file the bankruptcy right now.

I leave the attorney's office. It is Friday evening about 4:30. I think my father is still working in his office because he usually works until 5:00. I envision him as probably being in his 50s. I call him on my phone and connect with him, but it sounds as if he is talking with someone else on another line and as if I have tapped into his conversation. He is talking exuberantly, and I wonder if he has been drinking alcohol. Since it is Friday evening, I think he may have already started relaxing by having a drink. When he finally acknowledges me, and we start talking. I tell him what happened in the attorney's office. He does not seem concerned.

I am having difficulty remembering things. I am already having difficulty remembering what happened in the attorney's office—as if my power of memory is fading.

My father then says something about how I told Tom about the "attorney deal." I search my mind, but I have no idea what he is talking about. I know that a man named "Tom" is either a law partner of my father or an attorney with whom my father works. I say, "Refresh my memory. What attorney deal?"

He answers, "The one where you provide the Bush name for me."

I try to understand what in the world he is talking about. I seem to remember coming up with an idea about president Bush and about my father being able to use Bush's name, but I really do not remember the details. I do not even remember which president Bush I had been talking about.

Since I do not want my lack of memory to appear obvious, I simply play along with what my father is saying and think I will figure it out later.

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