Dream of: 03 December 2020 "The Spanish Teacher"    

I watch a very attractive woman with long black hair walk into a room. She is wearing a skin-colored nightgown. After walking around the room, as she sits down, her nightgown is hiked up so I can see between her naked legs, but her legs are crossed so I cannot see her pubic area—only the bare flesh above her pubic area. No genitalia is visible. Finally, however, she moves around so that I have a glimpse for just a second of her brown pubic hairs on the upper portion of her pubic region.

This woman is apparently trying to work as a Spanish teacher, but she has been having difficulty finding clients. It occurs to me that if this woman displayed herself this way when she was teaching Spanish, then she should be able to readily find clients. I start thinking that I might be able to help her. I think I could become something like a pimp for her to help her find male clients who are learning Spanish. I think she and I might be able to conduct a business together where she taught Spanish and I found the students for her.

Commentary of 03 December 2020

So I have finished Der Prozess by Franz Kafka and have begun reading the first half of "À l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs" by Marcel Proust. Now I am concentrated on dreaming about Proust.

i think it just might

be possible that all dreams

are precognitive

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