Dream of: 02 December 2020 "Building A New Office"     

 I have gone with my father (1932-2016) to Rosemount, Ohio (a few miles north of Portsmouth). He wants to show me some land where he thinks I could build a law office. Some commercial buildings are already located here in this predominately residential community. The land which he shows me is behind a gas station, so the law office would have to be behind the gas station. I really do not like that idea. I know that I have enough cash to build the building if I wanted to.

At some point, my father mentions that some land is also available in the isolated village of South Webster. I think a new highway was recently constructed near South Webster so there will be more traffic there now. Still, I do not want to have a law office in that little, out-of-the-way place. I would rather be here than in South Webster. 

I know that my father has wanted me to open a law office in this area for a long time, but I have not wanted to do so. Now, however, I am thinking that I might want to do it. It would not matter if my office were not out on the street where people could see it. The office could be set back from the street. If I had an office, I am sure that people would start coming to me wherever I was. So I am seriously thinking about doing it.

I look at the other commercial buildings and think I could just buy one of those and put the law office in it. I walk through several buildings which are connected together like a small mall. One store has a long hallway and at the end is a room with a few pieces of furniture. I realize that someone had started to put a furniture store here but had not completed the job.

I walk into another store and end up putting on new clothes in the store. I put on a green shirt, green pants, and tan shoes. I had not intended on buying new clothes, but the clothes feel so comfortable, I think I may buy them. I ask a couple women in the store how much the clothes cost. They run a tab on the clothes and come up with a price of over five hundred dollars. I think that is ridiculous. I look at the tab, but it does not say how much each individual piece of clothing costs. I tell them to run the tab again. They do so and this time they tell me the cost is over eight hundred dollars. I look at the tab. It looks as if other charges for some medical expenses are also on the tab, although I still cannot see how much each article of clothing costs. I tell them "no." I think to myself that I could buy a brand new pair of Levi blue jeans for twenty-five dollars. Then I would only need to buy a shirt. I already have shoes which look almost exactly like these. I am certainly not going to pay that much money for a few new clothes.

Commentary of 02 December 2020

So now I am trying to dream about Marcel Proust. My dreams could definitely use some refinement and Proust seems like a refined fellow to me. The three dreams which I have had about him were almost magical.

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