Dream of: 29 November 2020 "Measuring Land"     

 I am at a house which resembles the Logan Street House (a five-room cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977)where I have been living. I have discovered that someone has broken into the house. Donald Trump, who is my father, shows up. He owns the house.

I go outside because I am afraid that he will blame me for the break-in. I walk out behind the house next door and peer out into an expansive vacant area behind the houses here. I stand over to the side and watch Trump walk out through the back gate of his house into the vacant area. He is wearing a white shirt. He looks around. I step back because I do not want him to see me. I hear him talking and saying something about "measuring." Apparently, a small part of this vacant area behind the houses is part of the land which goes with his house. I hear him mention "twenty feet" which I assume means that the small part which goes with the house is twenty feet wide.

I know that Trump owns land all over the place. Nevertheless, he wants to measure this small piece of land. Apparently, Trump is interested in what is going to happen to this small piece of land.

I stay out of sight. I do not want to talk with him right now.

Commentary of 01 December 2020

This is my 28th dream in which Donald Trump appeared or was mentioned. Some of those dreams I have already assembled together into a story:


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