Dream of: 28 November 2020 (3) "Professing Innocence"    

 I have gone to a place which in a way looks like a slimy nightclub—I am not exactly sure where I am. I have come here to gather evidence because someone is accusing me of a crime which was supposed to have taken place in this establishment. Maybe they are not accusing me of a crime, but they are accusing me of something. I am not sure what it is all about, but they are trying to say that I did something...it is unclear, but it seems that it may be something of a sexual nature.

I know that I am completely innocent and that I did not do this thing...whatever it is...and I have come here to gather evidence of my innocence. Since I will be speaking with people here, I think perhaps I should carry a voice recorder on me so I could record their admissions that I did not commit the offenses of which they are trying to accuse me.

When I walk in, six or seven men are sitting around the room. I find some cassette tapes and I begin grabbing them and gathering them up. I think the tapes may contain evidence. The men in the room sit and watch without doing anything, but at some point, things start happening. I am unclear whether the action is actually taking place or whether I am envisioning it in my imagination.

The men will not allow me to leave. I realize that they are going to try to torture me and that they are going to force me to perform sexual acts here. I am unsure that this is actually going to happen or that I am simply imagining that this could happen. Some of the men grab me and hold me as I realize they are preparing to torture me. One man who was standing at the door when I entered walks toward me holding something which looks like tin snips. I think they may start cutting on parts of my body. I can just imagine them snipping on my legs or cutting off one of the fingers of my left hand.

At some point, I see a man sitting in a dark corner. I cannot see clearly and cannot figure out exactly what he is doing there, but it looks as if he is preparing to do something sexual to me. He appears to be naked with his crotch toward me, but it is so dark I cannot see any details.

I realize that at this point I will do anything to avoid what they are preparing to do to me. I hope that when this is all over, and this case goes to court, I will be able to prove that I am innocent and that I was forced into performing any sexual acts here.

Commentary of 30 November 2020

This dream is my most kafkaesque dream to date. I am professing my innocence of an unknown crime of which I have been accused.

a man guilty of

carnal sin can hardly claim 

to be innocent

Picture: Taken by Steven Collier on 30 November 2020

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