Dream of: 28 November 2020 (2) "Flight Control"    

 I am at a gathering of people in a rather elegant building surrounded by extensive land in the country. The house looks like a mansion. A black-haired Hispanic woman (probably in her early 20s) is with me.

As we stroll around the estate, I walk close on my right to the top edge of a high retaining wall constructed of large stone which is probably 2-3 stories to the bottom. Since the woman and I intend to walk to the bottom of the wall, I think I could simply jump off the edge here and fly to the bottom. I regret that I have not been flying lately, and I think I need to practice. When I reach the edge of the wall and look down, however, I hesitate. I notice that if I were to keep walking straight ahead, I would soon reach stone steps which lead to the bottom of the wall. So, instead of jumping off the wall, I start floating down over top of the steps. This is much safer. As I float down the steps, I start regaining my confidence, and before I reach the bottom, I launch out over the side of the steps and start flying over the land. I find that I have good control as I fly around over the earth below for a while until I land at the bottom of the stairs where I meet back with the woman.

Many people are circulating in the area. The woman and I are going to find something to eat. I notice somebody has set a bowl of food on the stairs. Other people step up and take bites out of the food. They say that the food is delicious. I think to myself that I do not want to eat food which someone has simply set down here.

A man steps up and says something to me. I answer. I tell the woman that the man and I know each other. The truth, however, is that I really do not know him. He is around 30 years. He walks around to the side of me, then reaches down, puts his hands between my legs, and fondles my limp penis which I realize must be hanging out of my pants. I immediately push the man's hand away and step back from the man. I do not like this at all.I really do not want to have anything to do with this man. I certainly was not expecting that to happen.

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