Dream of: 27 November 2020 "Paying Electric Bill"   

I am at Krogers to pay my AEP electric bill. When I step up to the counter to pay the bill, I want to give the blonde female on the other side of the counter the account number, but I suddenly realize that I did not bring an actual bill here with me, so I do not know the account number. It occurs to me, however, that I receive my bills on my phone and that I have my phone with me.

I start searching on my phone. I type in the word "electric" or something like that and my electric bill suddenly appears on the screen. The current month as well as past months are all on a line. Just as I am ready to tell the woman the account number, the page suddenly switches. I am unsure whether I pressed something, but the screen goes to another page and I am unable to return to the correct page. As I continue to try to return, I notice a portly, middle-aged woman standing on my left. She is obviously impatient at my continuing to stand in line and look for my electric bill page on my cell phone. Impatient with her impatience, I step back and tell her to go ahead. I say a bit caustically, "I see you're in a hurry." She steps up to the counter and takes care of her business.

By the time that she is leaving, I once again have the electric-bill page on my screen. I step up to the counter again, and again I suddenly lose the bill-page. I continue trying to find the page, but I cannot find it. A line of wating people have formed on my right. I step back and tell them to go ahead as I continue to search for the page.

I am having difficulty moving around here because—even though I am standing—I have five or six covers piled on me. Nevertheless, I manage to find the bill-page again. As I am typing in the information once again, I realize that—instead of typing—I could speak the information into my phone. If I were to say "pay electric bill," the correct page should appear. Suddenly, it occurs to me, "Why am I even doing this?" I think I could simply tell my phone to pay the bill. I would not even have to be here at Kroger's paying the bill. Finally, I realize, "I don't have to do any of this. I could just set this up on some kind of automatic payments."

I know that I have other accounts that I pay automatically. I do not know why I am not payng this account automatically. I simply need to set this account up on "automatic payments," and the bill will be paid automatically. I will not have to go through this ordeal every month.

I step out of the waiting line, resolved that I am going to go and set up my electric bill to be paid automatically.  

Commentary of 27 November 2020

I am still reading Der Prozess and trying to dream about Franz Kafka. He created something beautiful but leaves the impression of someone leading an unhappy life. This dream seems kafkaesque because I was living in torment of having to stand in line and pay the bill every month. This dream seems to be whispering that the kafkaesque life can be avoided with a little thought and industry.

the overwhelming

beauty of life leaves one with

the wish for much more 

Picture:  Tormenta eléctrica.

Date: 4 March 2004

Author: U.S. Air Force photo by Edward Aspera Jr.

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