Dream of: 22 November 2020 "Out Of Character"   

 I know and care about a woman (probably in her mid 20s). My father (1932-2016) needs the woman for a plan which he has for the woman to marry another man. So she marries the man.

Subsequently, my father is going to meet the man in a house. I am standing outside the house and looking inside through a window. I watch my father pull out a handgun with a green tint and point it at the man. My father is trying to force the man to do something. I suddenly realize that my father is an evil person who may even kill the man. I also realize that both the woman and I have been fooled by my father in my father's plan.

The woman turns up beside me and starts talking. I tell her to shut up. I do not want my father to hear her through the open window and realize that she and I are out here. The woman, however, simply will not shut up. Worried that we will be in danger if my father hears her, I say to the woman, "If you don't shut up, I'm going to knock you in the face as hard as I can."

When she does not shut up, I hit her in the face hard, but not as hard as I can. I hit her four times, each time a little harder. She bends back more and more each time I hit her. I know that hitting a woman is out of character for me, but I simply must force her to shut up.

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