Dream of: 21 November 2020 "Towed Car"   

I am in the downtown area of a city which seems like Dallas. I park my silver car (which resembles the Honda Prelude I owned in 1987) and I walk around all over the place. When I return to my car, I discover crowds of hundreds of people standing around. It looks as if I parked in front of a building where an event is taking place. Now I discover that my car is missing!

I do not know what I am going to do. A fellow here is taking tickets or something—I am not sure what he is doing. I ask him if he can tell me what happened to my car. It looks as if he starts talking on the phone. I think he is going to call the police.

I point out that a parking meter is here—only one parking meter, only one spot to park. The meter is not on the street, but upon the wide driveway in front of the building. There was no sign saying that you could not park here, although I do not point out the lack of a sign to the fellow.

I think my car has apparently been towed and I figure I will receive a large towing fee, as well as a ticket. However, I think I might be able to beat the ticket by showing that my parking here was lawful.

Commentary of 22 November 2020

This dream seems kafkaesque because in the end I am thinking of proving my innocence. In Der Prozess (which I am presently incubating), Josef K. was focused throughout the story on his innocence.

insisting on one's

innocence sometimes becomes

a consuming thought

Picture: Parking meter

Date: 25 May 2014

Source: Wikipedia


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