Dream of: 16 November 2020 "Sears And Roebuck Jacket"    

My old high school friend Steve Buckner (1952-2012) and I are in a big high-rise office building. We are both around 30 years old and we are both lawyers. We are going from floor to floor and meeting other lawyers in the building. Steve and I are gradually taking over the building. I notice that Steve is dressed in a light-colored, beige sports coat which has some stains on it. He is not even wearing a tie. I make fun of him by saying that he is wearing a "Sears and Roebuck jacket."

Actually, however, Steve is excellent at what he does. He very effectively deals with these other high-class, big-law-firm type lawyers. He is able to wrap them around his little finger when he interacts with them. I am very impressed with his work even though he is dressed the way he is. I comment to him about how good his work is even though he is dressed in a Sears and Roebuck jacket.

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