Dream of: 13 November 2020 "A Beautiful Life"  

 I have gone to an apartment where a bunch of people are gathered for something which looks like a class reunion. People from my past are here, including Birdie (my steady girlfriend from 1968 to 1972). Another black-haired woman from my past is also here. I look closely at her. She somewhat resembles Birdie. I conclude that she is someone whom I knew when I was in high school. I like being with Birdie, but I also like the looks of this other woman.  Everyone's age seems amorphous and undefined. They seem young and mature at the same time. Many people are here and I am having a good time. My old high school classmate Roger Anderson is here looking at Birdie, but I am unsure that he knows who she is.

Birdie and I leave for a while to go to another location. The other woman goes with us. I mention that I would like to do some "acid." I know that I have not taken any acid in over 40 years, but I would like to take some now. The woman says there was a bowl of acid back at the house which we just left. She says that the acid was sitting on the kitchen table and that it was called "pepper."

I immediately leave Birdie and the woman and return to the house. I walk into the kitchen where I see a couple mature women sitting at the kitchen table. I think they are probably straight, but I nevertheless ask them about the "pepper acid." One of the women pushes a little bowl across the table to me. I think of mentioning that I took acid numerous times when I was a teenager, but then I decide not to mention it. I look at the little bowl and them pour the contents of the bowl onto the table. Along with something which looks like pepper are chunks of a tan, chalky substance about a centimeter in size. Some pieces of fruit are also in the bowl.

I start mixing it all together, but I know that the chalky chunks contain the real acid. So, I pick up a couple of the chunks and stick them in my mouth. I do not want to be hoggish, but I definitely want to have a good trip. I think I am going to start tripping right now. I look around. I feel myself becoming more introverted. I do not speak to anyone. I feel as if the hallucinations are going to start.

As I begin to feel the effects of the acid, I think about how I write my dreams and how I wish I had some of my written dreams here with me now to look at while I am tripping. I know that the dreams are in a house which is not far away, but it is too late to fetch them now. I will have to go ahead and trip without having the actual written dreams here.

I am unsure that this is the best environment to go on a heavy duty trip with all these people around, but this is where I am, so I am going to have to go ahead and trip here now. This may be the last time I take acid before I die. I wanted to take it one last time, so I want to get as much out of this trip as I can. Of course, this may not be the last time.

As I am sitting here, I have some pictures which remind me of the covers of lp record albums. I begin arranging and rearranging the kaleidoscopic pictures next to each other into a sort of collage which seems like a reflection of the way I have created things in my life. I am aware that the shape of the resulting artwork reminds me of a phallus. This seems to represent a stage of my life which I have never overcome. If I could only move beyond the phallic stage of my life, I think I would see something even more beautiful. I would like to take a picture of the collage which I have created from the pictures so that I will have something to show for this after it is all over.

I begin thinking back over the long life which I have had and how interesting it has been, especially compared to other people who have not had such spectacular lives. I say to one of the women sitting at the table, "I've had such a beautiful life."

I become a little emotional as I realize that my life indeed has been beautiful. I am just starting to hallucinate on the acid. I think this is going to be a splendid trip. I think the trip is going to be a reflection of the way my life has been: one big splendid trip.

A big, towering fellow shows up and stands next to the table. Apparently, the acid belonged to him. I hope that he is not upset that I took some of it. At this point, I do not really care what he thinks. I am just glad that I was able to take it.  

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