Dream of: 09 November 2020 "Son Of Trump"  

 I am with Donald Trump—who is my father. Wearing a long, black coat, he is showing me a big, square building which he recently bought in Portsmouth, Ohio, on 11th Street, where Party Time carry-out used to be located. We walk inside and look around. I am not sure what the building is used for, but at first it looks like an auto repair shop inside. A few men are inside the building.

Trump disappears for a few minutes. I walk to one section which has no floor over a sunken, basement area. Apparently, Trump has jumped down into that lower area. A man standing near me points down to the sunken area at something which looks like a trampoline. Apparently, Trump has amazingly jumped down onto the trampoline. Simply standing here on the edge of the sunken room makes me dizzy. To think that Trump has jumped down there onto the trampoline is incredible.

Trump comes back up to where I am and continues showing me around the place. Although some heavy machinery is inside the building, I finally conclude that this is actually a gymnasium.

Trump is being friendly to me and he even introduces me to one of the men here by saying, "This is my son."

I reflect that this is the first time that Trump has ever acknowledge me as his son in public. I am very pleased to hear him say this. I think I may even start working with him. I know that I do not agree with many things which he stands for, but I nevertheless think I still might like working with him. I think about his son, Donald Jr., and Ivanka. I will probably learn to know them better. I never really wanted to know them, but now that I am part of the family, I think I will be interested in knowing them. I do not know how they will accept me—they seem so haughty.

At one point I can see Trump working on a backhoe in the other room and I can see the bucket going up and down. He works on several other things around the building until I begin to tire. Trump, however, does not seem to tire. He seems to have an incredible amount of energy. I think I have never seen a man with this much energy. I had heard that Trump had this kind of energy, but I had not witnessed it in person. I am amazed. I have difficulty simply keeping up with him, but I do manage to follow him around as he works on several projects in the building. I am extremely impressed by the amount of energy which he has.

I think that being acknowledged as Trump's son and working with him is going to be a good experience for me, even though I do not agree with much of what he stands for.  

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